Utopolis Cinema a Hotspot Ahead in Technology

Utopolis cinema asks Alterwave to sustain release of Shrek The Third with bluetooth communication

Gembloux, Belgium, August 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- For the launch of Shrek The Third, Utopolis wanted to attract the young and the families to come to see the new Dream Works movie. The objective is to reach as many people as possible when they arrive at the entrance near the cashdesk. Therefore, the area is equipped of several hoptspots organized in a local network and airing not only wallpapers but also a trailer of this family movie and coupon.

Families, kids and young viewers have the opportunity to keep the trailer with them and to take benefit of a wonderful diamond offered when buying popcorn and Coca Cola softdrink. Among different potential partners, Alterwave was selected thanks to its premium services offering recognition of each mobile handset, sending of adapted content according to the size of the mobile, identification of the handset which is prompted avoiding to re-send the same message to the same person. The action lasts during 4 weeks.

Alterwave is specialized in interactive mobile marketing and advertising to mobile phones using the Bluetooth license free technology.

Bertrand Prignon