Batibouw: Visitors Informed via Their Mobile Phones

A pioneer in the development of innovative applications using the wireless communications technology Bluetooth, the Belgian company Alterwave’s latest innovation offers Batibouw visitors free information about the fair directly on their mobile phones. - March 07, 2008

Europe2 Create Interactive Communication for the Video Game Festival in Paris

Lagardère Group ask Bluetouch Communication and Alterwave to sustain Europe 2 and Europe 2 TV for their first Bluetooth mobile marketing operation. Europe 2 and Europe 2 TV, partners of the video game festival at Paris-Est Montreuil (France), create an interactive event. The objective is... - November 15, 2007

Bluetooth Sky Over Le Bourget

In collaboration with AWEX and Vo Communication, Alterwave Bluetooth hotspots are installed in the well-known International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget to promote aerospace plus-points of Belgium. The 47th International Paris Air Show – Le Bourget, which closed on 24 June, has set a new... - August 23, 2007

JCDecaux and Alterwave Sustain Fantastic 4

The Fantastic 4 are back in the streets and, thanks to Alterwave technology, the public has the opportunity to download freely, wallpapers and trailers on their mobile phones. - August 23, 2007

Utopolis Cinema a Hotspot Ahead in Technology

Utopolis cinema asks Alterwave to sustain release of Shrek The Third with bluetooth communication - August 23, 2007

Fish-Eyes for MasterCard and Alterwave

During their sponsorship of the “La Terrasse de l’Hippodrome de Boitsfort” evenings, MasterCard asked Alterwave, specialist in Bluetooth Mobile Marketing, to organize and to sustain a dynamic compete. - August 23, 2007

Puppets Go Hi-tech on Avenue Q

The puppets of Avenue Q have been conducting a unique experiment with Bluetooth technology from Square Group and Alterwave. - January 27, 2007

Mobistar First to Launch Interactive Communication via Bluetooth with JCDecaux

Activate Bluetooth on your mobile and receive the Christina Aguilera True Tone free of charge. - September 13, 2006

The Aura of Porsche within Reach of Mobile Phones

During the summer, the communication agency DDB, the company JCDecaux, specialized in urban furniture, and the company Alterwave specialized in proximity marketing via Bluetooth, have set up the first mupy (standalone advertising panel) allowing the free download of a mobile phone ringtone,... - August 10, 2006

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