I’m Not Crazy CD — the Madness of Coping with Stress

Jeff Stone’s new CD release “I’m Not Crazy” explores the madness behind coping with stress and finding the inner strength to pull it all together.

Cleveland, OH, August 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Lively Recordings record label is going off the deep end announcing proudly that Jeff Stone’s new CD is not crazy, but insanely provocative with some very cool tunes that will drive you nuts with the desire to listen to them over and over.

Woven throughout the tapestry of Jeff Stone’s new CD, are the valuable lessons he has learned about dealing with stress. Taken from the lyrics of his songs Jeff has compiled his own list of the Top Eight Ways to Cope With Stress:

1. Don’t take anyone too seriously. - In the song Double Trouble, Jeff learns that people will accuse you even when “I ain’t done anything.” Remember, not everyone is an authority on what they advise you about, so don’t let them “break or burst my bubble.”

2. Be open to being loved. - Ready or Not encourages the listener to “let love begin to start growing.” Don’t overlook the advice or good intentions of others. In their own way they are really just trying to love you. Besides, you really don’t have to do much “all you gotta do is just open your heart.”

3. Take a break. – Jeff found that when people got Up In My Face it’s best to just take a time out. After all, you aren’t accomplishing anything “All that you’re doing is stressing.” And, at the end of the day, most people are selfish and really “don’t care” about your side anyway.

4. Walk away if you have to. – In the song Bad Lover the lesson learned is that sometimes “This ain’t depression, this ain’t lies.” Sometimes it’s simply a matter of “I’ve had enough.” That’s when you gotta walk away.

5. Don’t let others control what you think of yourself. – In Jeff Stone’s title track he says “I’m not crazy, just a little bit tired of defending myself to you.” Realize that what you are feeling may be normal feelings, so don’t allow other people’s expectations to make you crazy. At the expense of sounding psychotic, say to yourself “I’m not gonna crack, I’m not gonna break.”

6. Never give up the fight. – Life is a struggle. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. So Press On through it all as best you can “We gotta pick ourselves up, kick the negative out” No one else is gonna make you do this. Dig deep for this one.

7. Take your own advice. - Write down advice you would give someone else about the same issue then, read it and “listen to yourself.” We all know advice is “hard to take from someone else…when you’re feeling frustration.” But, we seem to have an abundance of good advice to give to others. You know, things like “take one deep breath” or “give it just One More Try.”

8. You don’t have to stand alone. – In the song You Stand By Me Jeff wonders at the “many times I’ve thought to give up…and you never give up on me.” Who? This could be the people in your life that you least expected to be on your side, or like Jeff it could be the assurance that God always has his back. “Through the good times and the bad, you stand by me, and I never even have to ask.”

The music and messages of Jeff Stone’s new CD album I’m Not Crazy are good medicine for the soul, and good therapy for the heart. Even if you aren’t particularly stessed out, it is still quite fun to listen to.

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