Leading Charity for Disabled People Deploys Egress Switch as a Simple "One Click" Solution to Its Email and File Encryption Needs

Independent charity Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership recognises the need to secure sensitive information when sharing with external users who have a range of disabilities and selects a solution based on ease of use.

London, United Kingdom, June 06, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Egress Software Technologies Ltd has the pleasure of announcing the uptake of Egress Switch, the award-winning email and file encryption service, by Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership (SDPP) in order to simplify sharing confidential information securely with their external users, as well as with local authorities.

Based in Surrey, SDPP is run by disabled people for disabled people, working towards greater social empowerment and integration within local communities. Consequently, much of the information that the charity handles is of a confidential nature and must be shared securely. It is equally important, however, that any additional security should not add complexity, but rather be simple to use for staff and end-users with a range of disabilities. Through working closely with Surrey County Council, who previously adopted Switch, SDPP became aware of the software’s simple yet secure approach to information sharing.

When deciding upon a security solution, the main considerations for SDPP were ease of use, as well as cost. “We work with a wide range of individuals, many of whom are disabled,” explains SDPP Chief Executive Clive Wood. “What impressed us most about Switch is that it really is a one-click solution. Recipients don’t need to download or install additional software, and can reply free of charge, meaning that we can focus on the job in hand and securely share any necessary information, without worrying about complexity or cost.”

Switch integrates smoothly with a variety of email clients, and can be configured to automatically encrypt sensitive or personal data based on classification, size, content, location or recipient. Moreover, as recipients can reply free of charge, sharing confidential information securely is both simple and effective. “As Switch is now part of our email interface, encrypting data has become almost second nature,” continues Clive. “We were conscious that we needed a solution that wouldn’t require extensive training for our staff and would be intuitive to use for our recipients. Switch absolutely meets these requirements, making it a convenient way to meet information security standards.”

Kelly McCann, UK Sales Manager for Egress Software Technologies, comments: “We are pleased that SDPP’s decision to deploy Switch was primarily based on its ease of use. One of Egress’ primary objectives is to strive for simplicity: we believe that email and file encryption should complement what you’re trying to achieve, not complicate it. The fact that SDPP, a charity that works closely with people with a range of differing disabilities, has selected Switch as their data encryption solution demonstrates how simple information security can be. In addition, by securing the information they share electronically, SDPP will be able to protect themselves against potential data breaches and make considerable efficiency and cost saving gains.”

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About Surrey Disabled People's Partnership (SDPP)

Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership (SDPP) aims to enable and empower disabled people to have the same choices and quality of life as every other citizen of Surrey. We strive to increase disabled people’s involvement in all aspects of the community. All of our services are geared towards this aim.

We are an independent organisation run and controlled by disabled people. As such, we are very close to the issues and challenges faced by disabled people, and uniquely placed to provide meaningful and practical support, information and advice.

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