Ravenhill Asylum is Available on Google Play

Have you ever been curious to take a look beyond the bounds of a mental hospital? How does it feel to be amidst madmen? Drop in abandoned Ravenhill Asylum and get an exciting trip through a maze of its mysterious passages, explore hidden rooms and meet some weird characters! Will you ever find the way out?

Palo Alto, CA, June 07, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ravenhill Asylum: Hidden Objects by Renatus is available for download not only on the Apple Store and Amazon, but also on Google Play! You have to find a way out of the bizarre Ravenhill Asylum that is not in fact inhabited by ordinary madmen.

Ravenhill Asylum is not an ordinary hidden object game where you should search for an item and pass the levels. This adventure is full of mysterious quests, collections, various items and interesting boosts. Get ready to encounter new characters: both friendly and helpful, and those trying to harm you!

Appstorearcade reviewed Ravenhill Asylum and the guys noticed that the game takes an interesting approach to its pacing that offers a different experience from most hidden object games. The levels are rather short and the intention is that you find a handful of objects within a minute or two. This quick pace encourages it to be played for quick bursts at a time.

Another aspect is that each attempt at a level costs life. The beginning of the game lets you play for an hour or so at a time but later you will notice that your health depletes fast (unless you heal yourself with food, which costs money eventually) which will shorten each play session (in other words play a level or two and put it down for later).

Besides the pacing, Ravenhill Asylum has an increasing push of creepiness as well as the social aspect. Exploring the asylum slowly blends into a bit of an adventure feel as you view the hallways in first perspective (navigating is done via taps) while avoiding maniacs! Speaking of maniacs, they roam the hallways and depending on what type of maniac, require different weapons to defeat. Again, none of this is normally found in hidden adventure games.

One more important aspect is that friends can be added into your friend queue for Ravenhill Asylum which means that you can talk to one another as well as assisting in quests. Complete various tasks and search for mysterious artifacts together! Help each other to make your gaming experience even more thrilling!

The game will fascinate you with a large number of characters, various quests versions, large variety of collectible items, constantly evolving living history, mesmerizing music and powerful artifacts. Besides, you can play in two game modes: normal and nightmare. All these things and even more await you in the incredibly exciting multiplayer adventure in Ravenhill Asylum by Renatus!

Don't forget to check for updates with more locations to explore!

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