SourceTec Software Announces the Release of Sothink DHTML Menu Version 8.0

Sothink DHTML Menu Version 8.0 creates professional DHTML Drop Down menus within a few mouse-clicks. Fancy Search Engine Friendly Menus. No programming knowledge is required. No need to worry about browser compatibility. It works in all browsers.

Wuhan, China, August 25, 2007 --( Sothink DHTML Menu is the most popular JavaScript drop down menu maker currently found on the web. It covers all DHTML web menu system needs and more. With brand-new intuitive user interface, it easily creates fully featured cross-browser drop down menus in a visual edit mode. The user can generate stylish DHTML menus in minutes with frequently updated templates. Resource Folder settings and big optimized publishing guide the user to add a drop down menu to his/her pages in a fast and easy way without any hand coding, working both locally and on the web. Free Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and GoLive add-ins help quickly design the menu and integrate it with the existing web site. Sothink DHTML Menu Builder also generates search-engine-friendly drop down web menus, which therefore can be properly indexed by search engines, such as Google.

About Sothink DHTML Menu 8.0


* Brand-new interface has improved the fashionable skin, the reasonable layout and handy editing
* Full Edit Mode enables to edit and preview menu in the preview window directly; double-click menu item to edit its text in preview window; the modification can be synchronized between preview window and Menu Tree panel
* Set Resource Folder for resources files to make the same menu display exactly in multi-page of different folders; and preview the menu locally or on the web
* Simplify Publishing to insert the menu into the page easier; auto-generate menu code; copy and paste resource files used in the menu into the specific folder
* Add new templates, modify the present style in the built-in templates and re-arrange the existing templates


* Multi-column Menu can arrange long pop up menu items in a table in group; and the multi-row menu can also be reached
* Copy and Paste function duplicates menu items quickly and keep their properties in the same or different program windows
* Supports switching to drop-down menu from tree-like menu by importing the authoring file (*.stm) of Sothink Tree Menu
* Add new special effect – Rectangle, which is supported by all compatible browsers
* Tips of the Day provides tips & tricks about using the program
* Encoding can encode menu in the proper language
* W3C Valid XHTML 1.0

Key Features

* Full cross browser compatibility (Immediate coverage of browser updates) FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+ Safari1+ ( IE 7 and FireFox 2 included)
* Free Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and Adobe GoLive integrated plug-ins
* Database driven JavaScript menus with server-side code, like ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET or ColdFusion
* Generate search engine friendly drop down menus
* Free Google XML Sitemap and general sitemap generators based on your menu structure
* Generate a drop down menu structure from your existing web site pages by our unique Site Navigation Generator
* Visible over Flash, selected boxes, Iframes and even PDF files
* Easily positions menus anywhere on your web page
* Create cross frame menus for all kinds of frame-based web site, like common frames, nested frames or Iframes
* The current page in use can be auto-highlighted in your DHTML menu navigation
* Auto scrolls long pop up menu items
* Float menus follow the browsers’ scrollbars
* Context right click menu; use any elements on your page to trigger the menus, such as image, text, or even a Flash movie
* Non-English languages are supported, even Right-to-Left languages, such as Arabic
* Fully customizable properties, like font, icon, background, border, cursor, tool tip, surround, effects, alignment, transparency, size and etc,.
* Select images for icon, arrow, background and separator from our rich Image Library
* Multiple menus on the same page; multiple pages use the same JavaScript menu
* Any HTML code can be used within menu items
* Free combination of vertical or horizontal sub menu items
* Menus can span 100% across the width of your web page; each menu item of the top level will be auto adjusted to get even width
* Supports any doctypes, and supports UTF-8

Support Platform:
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista

For Evaluation Copy:

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