Russian Mid-Market Soon to Benefit from Affordable Advanced SCM Solutions

Made4Net and the supply chain management consultancy group SCM-SG are collaborating to lead the way in providing smart supply chain management solutions to the Russian market. SCM-SG will sell and implement powerful, flexible and cost-effective solutions designed by Made4Net to meet the requirements of companies of any size.

Paramus, NJ, August 24, 2007 --( Made4Net and Supply Chain Management Solutions Group (SCM-SG) today announced a partnership agreement to deliver new comprehensive and affordable SCM solutions to customers across Russia and the CIS. Under the terms of the agreement, SCM-SG will enhance its business practice with Made4Net supply chain execution products and capabilities.

SCM-SG will address the needs of small and medium sized organizations that offer distribution and logistics services, specifically focusing on the distribution and deployment of warehouse management solutions (WMS) that can benefit such businesses.

The partnership will empower Russian companies with an opportunity to develop their business by deploying a fully supported comprehensive supply chain management platform, SCExpert™, offered at a compelling price in order to meet the needs of small and medium firms.

SCExpert™ by Made4Net delivers a powerful, feature-packed warehouse management system that includes:

• Complete inventory management functionality
• Powerful third-party billing
• Native RF
• Labeling
• Bar coding and RFID support
• Easily-customizable reporting tools

In addition, this end-to-end solution offers advanced transportation management tools, including a loading optimization mechanism, yard control, and delivery confirmation via mobile terminals. SCM-SG experts will help customers build, deploy and maintain their supply chain management infrastructures on a foundation of Made4Net products. Using their solid expertise based on worldwide and local experience in all areas of supply chain management, coupled with Made4net’s high performance products, SCM-SG will offer the Russian and CIS mid-market SCM solutions unmatched in both quality and price.

"A key strategic differentiator of Made4net’s offering is the fact that we provide the small and mid sized market with a full complement of high end Supply Chain tools and that we are able to successfully do that worldwide through our global partners," says Lonny Avital, CEO of Made4net LLC. "SCM-SG fits perfectly into this strategy, which makes it an ideal partner in a market that we feel has great potential. We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship."

Being fully focused on the benefits of customers, SCM-SG expands its portfolio of products with world’s leading solutions that meet best-of-breed criteria and guarantee top-flight results in each selected niche of business. As a result of this model, SCM-SG’s customers realize unprecedented choice and flexibility as well as unequaled cost benefits and growth through deploying solutions that best fit their unique business requirements.

“We are pleased to enter into this partnership with Made4Net,” says Igor Karpatchev, CEO, SCM-SG. “Every day we hear from more customers including SMB companies that they need to implement a supply chain management system that could flexibly meet their business needs. SCM-SG prides itself in its ability to help customers identify, select, deploy and support mission-critical technologies that will help them improve their distribution and logistics processes to drive better bottom line performance. This agreement with Made4Net is important to fulfilling the diverse needs of Russian companies of all sizes, and we are keen to realize the full potential of our partnership.”

About SCM-SG (Supply Chain Management Solutions Group)

SCM-SG (Supply Chain Management Solutions Group) delivers specialized expertise and the world’s best solutions for supply chain management (SCM) in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets. Dedicated to SCM entirely, the Group operates on the ‘best of breed’ principle delivering industry-tailored solutions that best fit the niches they are assigned to. In Russia and CIS, SCM-SG currently represents and implements projects based on SCM products from such multinational IT vendors as i2 Technologies, Infor Global Solutions, Supply Chain Consultants, Aldata, RiverLogic, and Made4Net. SCM-SG offers its customers a full range of services: business processes optimization, localization, software licenses procurement and system implementation, updating, maintenance and support. The ‘best of breed’ strategy demands powerful tools to integrate SCM solutions into existing corporate IT infrastructures in order to leverage IT investments previously made. For this purpose, SCM-SG uses i2 ABPP (Agile Business Process Platform), advanced integration platform fully supporting SOA technology and designed for the most complex projects, and Boomi Integration Platform to resolve less demanding integration challenges. For details see:

About Made4net

Made4net is a leader in delivering real-time execution solutions for managing the supply chain, offering an elite WMS solution for managing small to large warehouses, TMS for managing and optimizing the distribution process, and additional complementary solutions such as Yard Management, Loading Management, and Proof of Delivery, to provide an end-to-end execution solution. Made4net's SCExpert™ platform offers a comprehensive yet modular suite of products that may be implemented individually or as a complete end-to-end integrated solution. Made4net’s partners and customers find that the SCExpert™ offers the most deep and comprehensive set of capabilities in the supply chain execution industry, supported by an advanced and flexible technical architecture, satisfying both operations and IT requirements. Made4net is committed to expanding and developing its sales and marketing channels world wide, and to contributing to its customers’ success and profitability. For details and partnership information contact Nancy Berger or go to:

Nancy Berger
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