Kickboxing and Martial Arts at Personal Mastery Martial Arts Saved My Life

Sandy, Utah father loses 110 pounds through Kickboxing and Martial Arts and transforms his life.

Sandy, UT, August 07, 2013 --( 62 year old Dale Hughes of Sandy Utah, a retired director of signal maintenance for Union Pacific railroad, recently lost 110 pounds through martial arts and kickboxing training. Dale’s story is particularly amazing because it took a near death experience for Dale to decide it was time to make some changes in his life.

Dale said, “At one point I was so overweight that when I went in for a doctor’s visit I actually died on his table and they had to bring me back to life. I know it sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. My life was truly at a low point and I knew I had to make some major changes if I wanted to see my two young daughters grow up. I decided to chase my previous dream of learning martial arts. Since joining Personal Mastery Martial Arts and I Love Kickboxing Sandy, I have lost 110 pounds (with 30 more to go) and no longer have any of the diabetic symptoms I had the day I died on the table, and I am off of my blood pressure medicine.”

Dale lives in Sandy with his wife and two daughters and recently celebrated a wedding vow renewal with his wife Tina. He has gone on to become a black belt in Taekwondo at Personal Mastery Martial Arts and is a Kickboxing instructor for His family now also trains with him at the studio and his daughters, Zoe and Ella, have also earned their black belts.

Brett Lechtenberg, owner of Personal Mastery Martial Arts and facilities said, "Dale is a huge inspiration to hundreds of people every week. We are very proud him for his accomplishments and how he positively impacts people's lives every day."

Dale is now helping Kickboxing and Martial Arts students make improvements in their own lives. He teaches Kickboxing every week and his daughters have helped to mentor many Personal Mastery Martial Arts students to help them reach their goals through their training. Dale is currently encouraging Kickboxing students to make changes in their own lives with 45 day national Transformation Contest where the first place prize is $5,000 (

About his experience at the studio, Dale said, “The I Love Kickboxing and Personal Mastery Martial Arts program saved my life. It’s that simple.”
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Brett Lechtenberg