Syncdocs Encrypts Google Drive Data for Extra Security

New App Secures Google Data from Spying

Sydney, Australia, June 19, 2013 --( Storing your data on Google Drive means you can access it from anywhere – but so can hackers and spies, as recent revelations about the NSA have shown. The Guardian newspaper reports that the US NSA agency has access to all your Google data, which means concerned citizens need to safeguard against snooping.

For those who want to enjoy the benefits of Google Drive and care about good data security, Syncdocs is the ideal solution: It is optimized for cloud storage and helps users to store their files in the cloud – without worries about privacy.

Syncdocs encrypts Google Data. “The encryption takes place before your data is sent to the Cloud, so nothing sensitive ever leaves your PC or phone," says Donald Recsei, a director of Syncdocs, an Australian company that make encryption products. "Your private data stays on your PC."

Syncdocs automatically encrypts files stored online so that only authorized users can access them. In the event of a Google account hack, the encrypted data is protected by military strength encryption; files are useless garbage to those without the key.

Sycndocs – recommended among others by Lifehacker and PCWorld – allows you to encrypt entire folders in a fast and easy way. Encryption is done file-based and using AES-256 standard.

Recsei says Syncdocs cloud encryption is especially important for companies which store financial data, HR information, or trade secrets on Google Drive.

Syncdocs is free to private users at For corporate users or those who require additional features, an unlimited version is available for $19.95.
Donald Recsei