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AEX Offers New SBA Loan Refinancing and Business Financing Program

AEX Commercial Financing Group is offering a new business financing program for refinancing an SBA Loan. Although some SBA refinancing candidates will not qualify for the AEX program, until now this type of business refinancing has not been routinely available for typical SBA loan refinancing scenarios. AEX will continue to provide advanced working capital help with initial business loan and commercial mortgage situations involving either an SBA loan or conventional commercial loan.

Leesburg, OH, August 24, 2007 --( AEX Commercial Financing Group (AEX) announced today that it is now offering a unique and specialized AEX Business Financing and SBA Loan Program to assist with the problems typically experienced in refinancing an SBA loan. AEX also provides business loan help with other specialized business loan and commercial mortgage services such as working capital management, golf course financing, business cash advance programs and business opportunity financing.

Two of the most difficult commercial mortgage and business loan situations for a business owner involve obtaining a Small Business Administration loan (SBA loan) and refinancing an SBA loan. AEX Commercial Financing Group has now expanded their SBA loan services to the especially difficult SBA loan refinancing area. As with other AEX services, SBA loan refinancing programs are designed to assist commercial borrowers and their legal - accounting - business advisors.

According to Stephen Bush, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for AEX Commercial Financing Group, "SBA loan programs have suffered from a deserved reputation for the difficulty of refinancing the SBA loan a few years after the initial business financing. In fact most commercial borrowers probably think that refinancing an SBA loan is impossible. Recent developments have changed this business loan situation so that it is now more practical to refinance an SBA loan through AEX."

AEX Commercial Financing Group specializes in difficult commercial loan and business refinancing situations. AEX employs a proprietary business financing process for excluding problematic commercial lenders. AEX is based in Ohio and provides business loan, credit card processing and commercial mortgage programs throughout the United States.

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