The Funny Music Project Launches The Sideshow

Stockholm, NJ, August 24, 2007 --( FIDIM Interactive, LLC today announced the launch of The Sideshow, a new section of The Funny Music Project which allows anyone to post a song.

The Funny Music Project, or The FuMP, was launched in January of this year by FIDIM Interactive as a collaborative effort between a group of comedy musicians. Comprised of the "core members" Possible Oscar, Raymond and Scum, Rob Balder, Sudden Death, The Great Luke Ski, Tom Smith, and Worm Quartet, the FuMP posts two new songs each week that users can download for free. In addition there are what are called "auxiliary members" who post a song occasionally when they have one. These include Robert Lund, Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, MC Lars, Seamonkey, Carrie Dahlby, and several others.

"We've had many people submit songs, and our membership is already kind of tight," says Tom Smith. "So we thought, 'Let's put up an area where everybody can submit stuff.'"

The result is The Sideshow. The Sideshow posts a new song daily, when available. Just like the regular FuMP songs there is a free download link for a 128k MP3, and a built in Flash player which streams the song. Additionally, also like the regular FuMP songs, Sideshow songs can be embedded on other web sites, and may include lyrics if the submitter posts them.

Anyone can post a song, but there are some guidelines that must be followed. The songs must be posted under a Creative Commons license, as are all songs posted to The FuMP. The songs must not violate any copyrights, and personal attacks, hate speech, and anything overly graphic or pornographic is not allowed.

"The Sideshow is off to a great start," says Tom Rockwell of FIDIM Interactive. "We've already got the first week booked up and there are some great songs being posted."

The first song to go live on The Sideshow was a very bizarre and catchy song called Sheep In The Morning by TV's Kyle. The song grew out of some ad-libbing that Kyle did several years ago and will appear on his upcoming album Let's All Do the Guk Guk Guk.

Anyone interested in posting a song need only register with The FuMP at the web site Registration is free.

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