Alpine Games Launches Award-Winning Card Game, Sixteen®

Minneapolis, MN, August 25, 2007 --( Game publisher Alpine Games has turned heads with Sixteen, its first entry in the game market. Introduced in July, the custom card game has already won three industry awards.

Sixteen is recommended for ages 8 and older, and is packaged with easy instructions for two players. Additionally, instructions with a four-player variation are now posted on the game's official website. Playing Sixteen involves counting, matching, and forming sets while simultaneously working to block your opponent from doing the same. Independent product reviewer Major Fun notes that it is easy to learn and play, yet its strategy and elegance yield "delicious implications" and "high replay value."

"People who have played Sixteen rave about it. Adults love it because of its quality play action, and parents love it because of the cognitive stimulation it provides--especially in math and logic skills. Kids love it just because it's fun." said Kris Cox, President of Alpine Games. "The excitement shared with us by people who have played it is more than encouraging. Since we're new to the industry, our biggest challenge will be distribution. Once the game is in customers' hands, it sells itself."

The origin of Sixteen is unique. Cox designed it while stationed with the Air Force on a one year remote assignment to Thule Air Base, Greenland. He credits the extreme arctic winter and resulting cabin fever as his primary inspiration. Thule is 695 miles north of the Arctic Circle, where frigid winters include four months of total darkness and multi-day storms with hurricane-force winds. “I like to be outdoors,” said Cox, “but winter darkness and weather restrictions at Thule forced me to redirect my energy inside.” Looking for a creative way to spend his spare time, Cox purchased ten decks of playing cards and a pack of colored markers from Thule’s small exchange. He experimented with various combinations of customized cards and tested his prototypes with a colleague. The result was Sixteen.

As the accolades indicate, Cox has successfully taken his hobby to a new level. Sixteen has won awards from Dr. Toy, Major Fun, and Creative Child Magazine. Once the release cycle for Sixteen is complete, Cox hopes to repeat his success with the game he is currently designing. "No rush," he said. "I want to make sure it'll have the same timeless quality that we gave the first game."

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Consumers may purchase Sixteen through Games by James ( and other quality retailers. Wholesale inquiries should be directed directly to Alpine Games.

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