A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Gathers Numerous Positive Reviews

Pittsburgh, PA, June 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Stan Popovich’s popular book “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods” has gathered many positive reviews recently. Mr. Popovich’s book focuses on various techniques on how to manage fear, anxiety, stress, addiction, and depression. Stan’s book is located at managing fear Dot Comm and there are even some free mental health articles for anyone to read. Stan is available for interviews and here are some of the many positive reviews the author has received.

"A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear is a Quick, Effective Read.......
A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear does a good job of covering some methods and ideas that can help an individual manage their fear. While this book is no substitute for a mental health professional, as the author clearly states, I believe that it can be effective in helping individuals manage mild to moderate fear."

"Mr. Popovich provides a great starting set of ideas for managing fear, many of which can be expanded further or modified easily to meet the needs of the individual. There are enough ideas in here that nearly everyone should be able to find something that works for them."

"I think that this book does a very good job of providing some quick, easy ways to get a grasp on your fears and preventing them from becoming crippling. If you are dealing with mild to moderate fear, I would recommend giving this book a try and seeing if you can find a way to help yourself," said by -Steve--Posted On Amazon

"A Three-Faceted Approach.........Mr. Popovich's publication is a brief and practical one, especially for people who lean toward religious practice. He recommends utilizing Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) techniques, a 'non-resistance' approach of allowing the feelings to come and working with them, and the power of prayer and scripture, using passages from the Bible. It is simple and concise approach that should prove practical for believers and non-believers alike," said by Howland- -Posted On Amazon

"Easy to read.....This book is very easy to read. It provides some strategies to deal with fear. It also illustrates some case studies which help readers to easily understand and practice, " said By Cindy From Canada – Posted On Amazon

"A good summary of fear management techniques and resources....
A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear is a good summary of techniques and resources in managing one's fears. This booklet is written in a clear concise style with plenty of good case studies used as examples of how the techniques are to be applied. There is a contact list of help organizations included in the book as well as a list of Bible verses dealing with comfort and faith. The book is not long enough to provide detailed help, but its conciseness is useful as a quick summary to help the reader get started on how to approach his fears. Anyone struggling with anxiety, obsessive worry, and neutralizing concerns will be helped by this work. Though this work is not designed to replace a counselor, applying its principles can help one get back on track with one's life, " said By James Lowther– Posted On Amazon

"A Quick Read with Some Practical Advice....The author has assembled some good practical advice for the reader who is wants to learn some simple and practical approaches to addressing issues of fear in his or her life. The book includes suggestions from a Christian perspective, from a psychiatric/clinical approach and describes other ideas for resolving issues of fear in one's life. The book is simple to understand and is an enjoyable to read. It's a ready to use guidebook for those who want to make a make a change in their life," said by Michael W. Bennett - Posted On Amazon

"A Refreshing Perspective......Kudos! A refreshing perspective that combines christian beliefs and the structure of cognitive behavior therapy that are integrated to create a method to effectively manage fears. Well thought out and written, " said By -W.R. Drinkwater, M.ED, CADC-II-Posted On Amazon
Stan Popovich