SHUKR Clothing Goes Natural in Summer 2013 Collection

SHUKR Islamic Clothing, a clothing company that combines Western fashion with Islamic modesty, has recently launched its collection of natural fiber clothing to help modest fashion fans stay cool in the summer heat.

Miami, FL, June 20, 2013 --( SHUKR Islamic Clothing (, a leading producer of modest and Islamic clothing for Muslims in the West, has released its natural fiber summer Islamic clothing collection, including a variety of long sleeve shirts, tunics, long dresses, abayas, jilbabs, and trousers. The summer collection features a range of lightweight, breathable natural fibers designed specifically for keeping cool in the summer months.

“Natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, and man-made fibers using raw materials derived from nature, such as rayon, Tencel and modal, are lightweight, absorbent and most importantly breathable - perfect for the summer heat,” said Anas Sillwood, Managing Partner, SHUKR Islamic Clothing. “The summer months often pose a dilemma for those who wish to dress modestly: how to stay covered, cool and comfortable without foregoing style. We offer a solution with our mix of unique designs and natural fabrics.”

Over the years, SHUKR has attracted a loyal customer base of people searching for summer clothing that meets Islamic standards of modesty as well as Western fashion trends. With its launch of a range of natural fibers, SHUKR has successfully combined practical modest fashion with Islamic principles surrounding fair-trade, eco-friendly and sustainable clothing.

“It is very important to us as an Islamic clothing company to promote the use of natural fibers. In today’s world it is becoming increasingly important to know what our clothes are made from and where they come from,” stated Sillwood. “We have incorporated natural fibers into our summer collection not only for the practicality and luxury of such materials, but also as an expression of our Islamic philosophy.”

SHUKR is the leading Islamic clothing company dedicated to putting faith into fashion. Launched in 2001, SHUKR was the first company to provide contemporary, modest clothing which meets the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims living in the West. SHUKR is proud to be able to serve people of all religions who find that their faith encourages them dress modestly, without having to sacrifice style and beauty.

SHUKR Islamic Clothing’s latest summer collection can be found at

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