CloudAccess, IdentityForge Collaborate to Expand Identity Management from the Cloud

Partnership to combine development and distribution of new user account control and security connectors for applications.

Los Angeles, CA, June 21, 2013 --( Cloud security leader CloudAccess has announced a new partnership with IdentityForge, a leading provider of risk monitoring and identity solutions, to accelerate and advance the development and distribution of identity management connector components that secure user credentials for several popular business applications.

The cooperative collaboration significantly expands the federated and interoperable applications currently available within CloudAccess’ unified security solutions including identity and access management. Combined, the total number of applications to be securely provisioned in an out-of-the-box deployment will exceed any other cloud-based solution. This does not include the thousands of non-federated applications and websites secured by CloudAccess’ proprietary Identity Gateway.

Provisioning is the main control of creating user accounts and applying rule and role-based permissions to access certain data and functionality in an application. The need to limit and secure these identities is one of the foundations of enterprise IT security.

Some of the major applications in which user identities can now be automatically provisioned (and deprovsioned) through CloudAccess solutions include Service Now, SAP, IBM’s AS/400, Solaris, Joomla and dozens of others. This is in addition to existing connectors to, GoogleApps and Yammer.

“This partnership means companies interested in securing and monitoring who can use what application, but unable to afford resource-heavy deployments can now better control the identity authentication process and improve risk visibility across an entire IT landscape,” said CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo. “IdentityForge is major part of this strategic success. We’re very proud to count them as a partner, and a fellow evangelist of cloud –based security.”

IdentityForge solutions provide bi-directional support for directory services and Identity and Access Management software platforms. Their host-based agents compliment identity and access management software when IBM RACF, CA ACF2, CA Top Secret, NonStop and IBM iSeries systems are key components of the enterprise IT architecture.

“The goal of any identity management program is ensuring only the right people get access to the right assets,” said IdentityForge’s Chief Technology Officer Chad Cromwell. “With CloudAccess, we can confidently further that equation to include seamlessly integrated to make administration and enforcement easy, compliant and automatic.”

Nikkhoo noted that identity and access management in the cloud changes the conversation from limits of scope to dynamic performance. This is due chiefly to the affordability, scalability and manageability of the functions and features controlled from a centralized virtual environment. CloudAccess is the only company that offers seamlessly integrated identity and access management solutions from the cloud.

“We recognize the importance cloud-based security plays in an enterprise’s overall strategy and CloudAccess’ layered and integrated offerings certainly delivers many operational and tactical advantages,” Cromwell added. “It certainly compliments what IdentityForge looks to achieve as a trusted advisor of identity and access management options.”

CloudAccess specializes in a unique unified security platform that leverages the capabilities of intrusion detection, log archiving, user credentialing, provisioning, application authorization, automations, web access management, single sign-on and compliance reporting. In that this is 100% deployed and managed from the cloud creates better real time visibility, scalability, agility and affordability for any sized organization. REACT is the only cloud-managed offering on the market that incorporates all these key security capabilities (SIEM, Log Management, Identity Management and Access Management) from a multi-tenant configuration.

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