Teresina Soapstone Invite Clients to Review New Soapstone Slabs at Roseville, CA Showroom

Roseville, CA, June 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Roseville, CA-based experts for captivating soapstone slabs, Teresina Soapstone have announced that they’ve updated their catalogue to include several new items. The organization’s latest material additions include the Beleza Soapstone, which is a classically-styled stone suitable for integration as part of a refined kitchen area, and the Green Minas soapstone, which will resonate within any contemporary styles with its strike green veining.

Homeowners across the US are now looking to enhance their kitchen areas through the use of soapstone. Soapstone is becoming increasing popular within the home renovation field as more and more homeowners discover its inherent application advantages. One of the leading reasons behind its increasing popularity is that soapstone is can retain temperature exceptionally well. This holds two distinct advantages within the kitchen area.

Firstly, it allows the avid home baker to easily roll dough. Bakers simply have to place ice cubes on top of the material surface for a few minutes to create the ideal area for rolling delicious treats for the entire family. Secondly, because of soapstone’s innate temperature retention quality, homeowners can reduce their home heating and cooling bills substantially – an increasingly important benefit as energy costs rise across the country. It’s no wonder then that high quality soapstone slabs from leaders such as Teresina Soapstone are now sought-after by property owners across California. And now the company offers a greater selection of materials than ever before.

One of the latest additions to the Teresina Soapstone catalogue is their Beleza soapstone product. This traditional soapstone slab features a stylish black finish that will seamlessly integrate within any classical design aesthetic. As a medium-to-hard soapstone, the product is exceptionally durable and yet flexible enough to be utilized within complex kitchen-area installations where innovative design techniques are required.

For the property owner searching for a soapstone material that will stand out as part of a kitchen counter installation, Green Minas soapstone is the clear leading material choice. This outstanding soapstone offers dazzling green veining over a background of pure black. It’s the popular selection for homeowners with a taste for exciting, unique décor arrangements.

To learn more about Teresina Soapstone and the company’s full array of exceptional soapstone products, please contact their Roseville showroom directly or visit their company website at www.teresinasoapstone.com.
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