Advanced Film Solutions Responds to Rising Energy Cost Challenges Homeowners are Facing

Florida residents are facing increased energy costs that can result in a monthly electric bill of $500 or more. Advanced Film Solutions, Inc. Tampa Bay's expert in superb window film solutions reminds Florida residents that Vista Window Films reduce the monthly burden by 15-20% particularly if windows face west or south. 2007 Energy Tax incentives supported by local power company rebates. Safety and security benefits of Vista Window Film often overshadow these facts.

Tampa, FL, August 26, 2007 --( Advanced Film Solutions, Inc. Unveils their Solar Window Films designed by VISTA Window Films to reduce the escalating energy costs facing Florida homeowners.

While Florida residents keep a watchful eye toward the Atlantic and the Gulf for news on the latest hurricanes, Advanced Film Solutions, Inc. Tampa Bay's Vista and FormulaOne provider has launched a Florida homeowner awareness campaign to remind consumers that Vista Window Films offer far more than flying glass protection and home security benefits.

Mike Feldman, President of Advanced Film Solutions advises: "We have seen a rapid cost increase for energy in Florida during the summer of 2007. Our clients tell us that they are getting electric bills greater than $500 per month. Of course, these are some of the larger homes with huge windows that heat up from the hot Florida sun. Windows that face south and west are the largest culprits." Energy costs can be immediately reduced with the professional installation of Vista Window Films. These films reduce the total solar heat by nearly 79% in some cases.

2007 is the perfect time with energy tax incentives from the IRS and a host of energy rebates being offered to businesses and residential clients by our local power companies.

Vista Window Films meet the 4.5 LB Missile test for annealed glass and clearly provide home safety benefits against storms and home invasion. While these acts of man and nature are clearly a concern to Floridians, the most immediate benefit of Vista Window Films is right in the pocketbook.

Mr. Feldman who retired after 33 years with 3M and was the National Sales Manager for 3M Window Films reminds consumers that "There is no other product available in the marketplace that can have such an immediate cost savings and ROI as our Vista Window Films. Glare control, nearly 100% UVA and UVB rejection and as always the uncompromising optical clarity of the world's leading window film solution. VISTA Window Films."

The recent "housing bubble" has created a paradigm shift in cutting monthly utility costs. "The marketing challenge in this tough economy has generated an altered focus from Hurricanes to the "bread and butter" issues of saving money for our clients " Mr. Feldman indicated. "In Florida, heat is the enemy.
"Keeping homes cooler therefore reducing the AC load has a direct and dramatic effect on monthly out of pocket costs."

Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bays fastest growing window film provider with more than 120 residential installations in the last 90 days. AFS covers the Greater Tampa Bay Region from Venice to Spring Hill and East toward Lakeland Fl.

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