Education Online Services Announces Launch of an Online Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Degree at Southern University’s College of Education

Education Online Services Corporation and Southern University & A&M College at Baton Rouge (SUBR) announce the launch of a new online degree program: Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Ft Lauderdale, FL, June 26, 2013 --( Education Online Services Corporation and Southern University & A&M College at Baton Rouge (SUBR) are pleased to announce the launch of a new online degree: Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies commencing on August 5, 2013. The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies online degree is housed within the College of Education at Southern University and is designed specifically for adult learners who are striving for a higher level of education to enable them to access increased growth and employment opportunities.

“With the professional landscape and job market becoming increasingly competitive, people are investing in themselves and seeking to advance their careers through education. The B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies program at Southern University is accredited, respected, accelerated and specifically designed to meet the needs of working professionals and adult learners. The uniqueness of this online degree program lies in its various disciplinary concentrations, which allows Southern University to accept prior credits and academic experience from prospective online degree students who wish to attain a degree at Southern University in their chosen field of study," said Education Online Services Chairman and CEO, Ezell Brown.

“The bachelor of arts in interdisciplinary studies online degree program is geared towards non-traditional and traditional students who are motivated to complete a degree with a unique experience that will complement their current occupation or prospects for advancement, and better prepare them for the future educational goals. Adding this program to our expanding inventory of online degrees allows students more flexibility for completion of their bachelor’s degree. It’s certainly aligned with our goal of branding Southern University as the online HBCU alternative,” said Ronald Mason Jr., President, Southern University System.

"The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies embraces the opportunity for students to design a course of study that meets their personal and academic objectives and further their professional growth," said Dr. Luria Young, Interim Dean of the College of Education. "Students will develop competencies across a range of disciplines as selected by the students as they prepare for various career tracks. By attending the classes online, the students will be able to work at a pace that fits their lifestyle, while earning a broad-based degree that will demonstrate to employers and peers that they have the ability to succeed at college level courses from an internationally, renowned accredited university."

"Southern University is excited to offer an Interdisciplinary degree online," said Chancellor Dr. James L. Llorens. "It will provide an avenue for those persons, eager to be part of Southern University, to immerse themselves in the sciences, history, critical thinking and disciplines across the university landscape while being at home or sometimes working in remote locations. It offers an excellent opportunity for former students who were unable to complete their degrees to apply previously earned credits toward the degree in interdisciplinary studies and enhance their career opportunities.”

Federal financial aid is also available to those who qualify. For a complete list of admission requirements and further information on financial aid, please call Southern University Online at 866-895-8019.

About Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Corp)
Education Online Services Corporation was founded by a select team of academic and marketing professionals who recognized the opportunity to assist colleges and universities in underserved communities with the development of full-service online degree programs. With the primary focus on graduating students, Education Online Services Corporation works closely with the admissions, financial aid, and academic departments of each institution to help them market and increase enrollment by expanding their on-campus degree programs to online degree programs.

About Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge (SUBR)
Southern University is a comprehensive institution providing four-year baccalaureate, graduate and doctoral degree programs. The campus is part of the only historically black land-grant university system in the United States. The University offers 57 bachelors, 26 masters, two post masters certificates, and six doctorates. Year-to-year, an average 8,000 students are enrolled at Southern University, Baton Rouge. More African-American graduates, together, in engineering, technology, computer science, and mathematics have earned their degrees from Southern University than from any other university in America.
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