PerleVIEW 2.1 Launched to Manage Long Distance Copper Ethernet

PerleVIEW 2.1 supports the large scale deployment of Perle Ethernet Extenders to securely configure, monitor and manage long range Ethernet communication links.

Nashville, TN, June 27, 2013 --( Perle Systems, a global provider of advanced Ethernet over fiber and secure device networking solutions, releases PerleVIEW 2.1 for enterprise-grade central management of Perle Ethernet Copper Extenders. This multi-user, Windows server-based centralized management package simplifies the configuration, administration, monitoring and troubleshooting of Perle Managed Ethernet Extenders and Fiber Media Converters in medium to large-scale deployments.

PerleVIEW 2.1 solves efficiency and network security issues in environments where large numbers of Ethernet Extenders or Media Converters are deployed to extend a LAN beyond 10,000 feet.

“To manage 10’s, 100’s or thousands of deployed devices efficiently you need to do it from a centralized server,” says Al Davies, Director of Product Marketing at Perle Systems. “That is why Perle continues to invest in the development of PerleVIEW as a platform with built in functionality to ensure network security and reliability.”

PerleVIEW is the only enterprise-grade device management system that provides a multi-user, server-based solution for managing large scale deployments of Perle Managed Media Converters and Ethernet Extenders.

Customers can download full function copies of PerleVIEW for a free 30-day evaluation period from the Perle Systems website.

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Julie McDaniel