UniLink: Now a Leading Vendor for Front Counter Capture Hardware

Rochester, NY, June 27, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Rochester, NY based financial services equipment supplier, UniLink Inc., is now one of the foremost suppliers of front counter capture hardware across the country. Financial institutions turn to UniLink in an effort to consolidate such high maintenance costs involved in using older model systems. In a vendor-neutral effort, UniLink consults customers with the best possible hardware solutions, to include top manufacturers: Burroughs, Canon, Digital Check, Epson and Panini.

The integration of teller capture systems is now a leading prerogative for financial services institutions across the US. These systems allow the teller to scan checks during their interaction with customers. This supports several major benefits for the organization. Most importantly, it allows for the immediate balancing of financials within the customer’s account allows for lower float times. This means that customers receive their money faster and are more inclined to continue to use that institution’s services.

Financial institutions must utilize the latest systems in order to streamline services to customers. Industry data shows that a 50-branch bank pays approximately $500 per year per scanner in maintenance costs when using older systems. This means an overall cost of $25,000 for the institution annually. This number grows each time the organization delays their equipment upgrade. For this reason, companies must begin the procurement process for front counter capture hardware immediately. And UniLink is the ideal vendor to work with during the process.

UniLink offers the latest and most innovative check scanning and printing systems from the most trusted manufacturers across the industry. Whether the company is a growing firm that requires equipment with a small machine footprint or a larger multinational that’s focused on driving forward productivity to meet evolving industry targets, the sales team at UniLink can help resolve clients’ requirements with precision.

Please contact UniLink today to learn more about their equipment line, or visit www.unilinkinc.com to see the full array of products and services available.
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