Slide Out Shelves Lowers Pricing on Its Most Popular Kitchen and Pantry Pull Out Shelves announced today that they are reducing the cost on the most popular kitchen and pantry pull out shelves to a starting price of $14.95. Pull out shelves are now more affordable for existing kitchen and pantry cabinets. Baltic Birch kitchen and pantry pull out shelves at this price has not been seen in years.

Prescott Valley, AZ, August 26, 2007 --( Pull out shelves have become a home improvement option that not only makes it easier to organize your kitchen and pantry cabinet and also greatly improve the access to those deep pantry shelves and base kitchen cabinets. But adding pull out shelves in your kitchen and pantry cabinets can add value to kitchen remodeling or improve home resellability. custom makes kitchen and pantry pull-out shelves to fit exisiting cabinets and make all shelves roll out to their customer. Even better yet, has lowered its pull-out kitchen shelves to a starting price of $14.95 per pull-out shelf.

These shelves that slide are not made from soft popular or particle board. The pull out shelves that produces are made only from 9ply baltic birch. You may recognize baltic birch if you ever skateboarded or surfed. For years these were made from baltic birch because of its workability and stabilty.

Kitchen and Pantry pull out shelves are easy to install also. had a late 60's lady order several pull out pantry shelves from the web site recently and wrote to that she was amazed at how easy her new pantry pull out shelves were to install with just a screw driver. "The shelves roll out so easy for me and things are so much easier to get to, thank you so much for such quality pull out shelving."

Pantries are usually filled with items, and because of the depth of most pantries, there are times when the average homeowner has doubles and triple items that were purchased because the original item could not be found when it was needed. With pantry pull out shelves from, you can roll out the shelves and find things so much easier. Roll out pantry shelves are usually 4 7/8" or 7 3/8" high because of the taller items found in pantries. sells both sizes of pantry pull-out shelves.

Today's kitchen cabinets are usually constructed with a 1/2 shelf in the middle of the cabinet that can store some items but is very difficult to reach. Pull out shelves can be installed in these type of cabinets and because the shelves roll-out, you now have much easier access but have aquired more storage space in your base kitchen cabinets. also has available an adjustable system that can made all your kitchen cabinet pull out shelves fully adjustable so you can move the pull out shelves up or down as needs require. Pantry pull out shelves can also be fitted with this system.

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Rick Haralson