Innodisk Long-Lifespan MLC SSDs Help POS Makers Avoid Storage Headaches, and Are More Cost Efficient

Innodisk Case Study on SSD use in AdvanPOS fanless POS systems at Hamilton Island, Australia and the benefits of shock resistant SSDs in POS systems in use at Manor department stores in Switzerland.

Taipei, Taiwan, June 30, 2013 --( POS Makers Like AdvanPOS Are Adopting SSDs to Boost Performance and Reliability, and Reduce Long-Term Operating Costs

Innodisk, a designer and manufacturer of SSDs for commercial and industrial applications, is seeing huge interest in its new storage products from the point of sale (POS) and retail industry.

New SSD-equipped point of sale terminals and other products are making hard disk drives obsolete in the POS industry. That's because POS systems using SSDs beat HDD units in terms of reliability, performance, power use, weight, size, noise, and durability – making them more cost effective. To push this technology trend further, Innodisk developed Evergreen-series MLC SSDs with their L² architecture to have a longer lifespan compared to traditional MLC SSDs. Evergreen-series MLC SSDs are also specifically designed for under-128kb applications, which makes them optimized for kiosks, ATMs, and POS units.

Thanks to Innodisk's Evergreen-series MLC SSDs increased reliability, POS units equipped with these Innodisk SSDs can be used in previously inaccessible environments. For more information on the varied applications of Evergreen-series SSDs, please visit:

In a recently released case study, Innodisk revealed how its customers are now using SSD-based POS units to perform point of sale and other customer interaction in environments previously seen as difficult or impossible. These include extreme environments, temporary or mobile structures, as well as locations such as supermarket self-checkouts, where POS units are exposed to constant contact with customers. Companies using Innodisk SSDs in point of sale units now include national leaders in several markets, including retail and hospitality.

Innodisk SSDs offer a wide range of advantages over traditional technology, while keeping prices competitive. These advantages include better performance, lower power consumption, and extreme shock resistance. Unlike HDDs, Innodisk SSDs work in a very wide temperature range, from -40°C up to 85°C, allowing them to reach new markets where HDDs cannot be relied upon. Furthermore, they are not vulnerable to overheating, so they do not require cooling fans, further reducing noise as well as removing another moving part that is prone to failure. SSDs, in fact, do not have any moving mechanical components at all. They also possess lower access times and less latency than HDDs, and users won't need to undergo time-consuming defragmentation either.

According to the leading POS maker, AdvanPOS, hard disk problems are one of the most common reasons for POS unit failure. In fact, unreliable hard disk drives make it difficult for POS makers to serve markets where there is high demand for their products. Innodisk's Evergreen SSD series now makes it possible for AdvanPOS to serve these markets with viable and reliable products.

With Innodisk's iSMART software, AdvanPOS and its customers can detect problems with an SSD long before it fails, allowing replacement of a malfunctioning SSD without losing data or inconveniencing customers.

“The number one reason why we use Innodisk Evergreen SSDs is that the iSMART can monitor the health of SSDs, and notify users of the expiry date,” says Mr. Alcott Huang, supervisor of AdvanPOS's R&D division. “They have saved our customers, and us, numerous headaches.”

For more information about AdvanPOS' adoption of Innodisk's SSDs, please visit:

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AdvanPOS designs and manufactures advanced POS systems that satisfy modern retail and hospitality applications. Combining industrial talents and leading PC technologies, AdvanPOS offers a full range of self-service and point of service (POS) systems that feature faster operation, easier maintenance, customer-friendly displays, and outstanding designs for the most demanding POS, kiosk, ATM, retail, and other self-service applications.To learn more about the benefits of Innodisk's SSD storage products, and how they are helping POS vendors and end users, please visit

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