Chrysalis Press Gets Attention from Disney ® Imagineer with First-Time Author Amber T. Kingston

First-time author Amber T. Kingston receives a glowing review from Disney® Imagineer.

Newport Beach, CA, August 28, 2007 --( Chrysalis Press will release Amber T. Kingston’s book Laura and the Leprechauns in December 2007. The 32-page hardcover book contains full-color illustrations and photography, and it will be released in two languages. The storyline, inspired by the fresh imagination of seven-year-old Laura Liepold, encourages belief in magic that is often lost too soon and captures the essence of childhood.

Kingston firmly believes that children should be exposed to quality, imaginative literature, and this book is destined to be a classic. Review copies have been distributed, and Kingston has caught the attention of respected Walt Disney® Imagineer Bran Ferren of Applied Minds Inc.

Ferren says “Laura and the Leprechauns is a special children’s book by Amber T. Kingston, one of those rare people who has mastered both the illustrative arts and the written word. The story takes the reader on a magical journey through the wondrous world of clever but mischievous leprechauns, who, after being summoned by young Laura, take her into the fantasy of a lifetime. Charming illustrations illuminate the story and bring Laura’s enchanted world to life.”

Kingston’s illustrations are an imaginative combination of artwork and photography, adding effectively to the sense of fantasy intertwined with reality throughout the story. Detailed images of the characters convey their innocence and emotions through body language, facial expressions and dress. A charming story that will enchant readers well beyond St. Patrick’s Day.

Do you believe in leprechauns?

Little Laura does. That is, until her friends tell her that they aren’t real. But Laura doesn’t give up so easily. She decides to write the wee folk to find out for herself. When two tiny leprechauns pay Laura a visit, she has a St. Patrick’s Day that she’ll never forget.

Kingston explains why she believes this story will have staying power with readers beyond St. Patrick’s Day. “Children’s literature is changing. It is important to me that I capture the essence of innocence and imagination, when children believe anything is possible. I truly believe that parents will be proud to share this tale with their children without worrying about whether the content is appropriate.”

The children’s book industry has changed through the years, and content and subject matter have been scrutinized. Kingston and Chrysalis Press, firmly agreeing that age-appropriateness is paramount, are proud to release Laura and the Leprechauns in December 2007.

“This is a timeless book that can be shared for generations,” Kingston explains. “I grew up surrounded by the magic of original Walt Disney® themes, and I want to share a legacy in that tradition.”

Amber T. Kingston, born and raised in southern California, loves to write, paint and spend time with children. Laura and the Leprechauns is her first children’s book. Kingston can be reached by telephone 949.706.1860 or email at Review copies are available.

The mission of Chrysalis Press is to provide inspired, quality literature to children with appropriate content. Chrysalis Press is located in Newport Beach, California.

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