Geography Quiz 3D – New Geo Adventure by Webelinx with Completely New Gaming Experience

An Exciting New Game for all Fans of Geography Quizzes and Race Games– Very Addictive, Fun and Educative

Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, July 03, 2013 --( Webelinx has launched a new game, ideal for all fans of geography quizzes and picture games. An innovative design of the world map will provide you with new geography knowledge and tons of fun at the same time.

"Geography Quiz 3D" is suitable for players of all ages and is experiencing a huge success among Android users. It is a very exciting racing game coupled with answering geography questions, great for amusing anyone. The players race around the world with other players, answer geography questions, complete achievements and give their best to finish the race first. There are 4 offered answers to choose from, the more correct answers the player gives the longer the traveled distance. The players attempt to recognize flags, landmarks and monuments on the photos and thus guess the country. There are several types of help available, as well as traps to enhance one's progress and slow down the opponent. The players collect compasses along the way and use them on crossroads to take shortcuts. More helps and unlimited energy can be purchased to facilitate the game. The race starts and ends in New York City and the player who comes back to NYC first is the winner.

Webelinx, based in Nis, Serbia, is a prospective company for high-quality and adequate development of applications for mobile devices. This company is the creator of many interesting beauty applications and a great number of fun lifestyle, sports and social applications. The company’s most recent success are the games "Blender Defender – Fruit Slicer" and "Defender 3" which are ranked high on the Google Play Store.

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