Mid July Release of "The Voice of Women Album" by a "Survivor" Herself

Release of "What Ever Happened to Little Lisa?" (feat. Lori Jean) New Age Version and "Chunk of Love" (feat. Lori Jean). iTunes in U.S. and Audiojelly in the U.K.

Los Angeles, CA, July 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Release of "What Ever Happened to Little Lisa?" (feat. Lori Jean) New Age Version and "Chunk of Love" (feat. Lori Jean).

Both songs should be out and available to all digital streams by July 22, 2013.
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LJ Film and Music will be releasing two singles, "What Ever Happened to Little Lisa?," a song about child abuse. This song was stemmed from the brutal beating of little Lisa Steinberg who died in NY in the 80's from child abuse. This song is also dedicated to the child of the singer, "Lori Jean," who lost an unborn child due to abuse.

The second song being released is titled "Chunk of Love" and this was made in fun for a girls' night out. It's almost the reverse action of man meeting a woman late at night on that dance floor.

"Lori Jean" (birthname Lori Finnila) grew up in Westford, MA and attended Westford Academy Highschool. She was voted "best looking" of her class, nominated "Homecoming Queen" of her senior year and nominated "Apple Blossom Queen" of her town. She married and lived in MA almost half her life.
"Lori Jean" is a survivor herself of violence and writes to bring inspiration and comfort to others' burdens.

She has a website for survivors at Prosper and Grow. prosperandgrow.org

"Every Woman Deserves to Prosper and Grow" by "Lori Jean"

LJ Film and Music writes for film and entertainment.

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