Note Anytime for Android Upgrade Offers Handwriting Recognition and Premium Subscription

An upgraded version the free note taking app, Note Anytime for Android, has just added easier navigation, support for the mazec handwriting recognition plug-in and subscription to premium features

Palo Alto, CA, July 04, 2013 --( MetaMoJi Corporation releases today an upgraded version of their award-winning note taking app, Note Anytime for Android. Navigation features have been added for quick and smooth transition between pages and a One Tap Scrolling function to quickly move around the whitespace. Handwriting recognition support is added for the first time in the English product with support now for the mazec plug-in. A new subscription service also provides unlimited access to advanced features like advanced calligraphy, paper layouts and premium inks and a handy Widget feature makes it easy to organize documents.

Handwriting Recognition: This release adds support for MetaMoJi’s handwriting recognition plug-in called mazec. With this advanced feature (available for $7.99 from the App Store), users can handwrite their notes with their finger or a stylus and convert to digital text with predictive words on the fly or as an entire text block or document at a later time. Features of the mazec handwriting recognition include:

- Stroke-based handwriting input can recognize even semi-cursive handwriting.
- Predictive text will help you correct spelling and typo errors on the fly.
- Handwritten notes can be converted to digital text in real-time or on-demand later.
- Mazec technology even offers cross-application handwriting recognition as an alternative choice to keyboard input for surfing, email and within other apps on your phone or tablet.

Improved Navigation: This upgrade of Note Anytime for Android has an improved navigation experience. Smooth Page Transition is a new feature available within the View mode so that users can quickly slide from one workspace, or page, to another. One Tap Scrolling allows users to scroll around a document with a simple tap instead of gestures.

Premium Feature Subscription: For the first time, users will now be able to quickly and easily access over 35 product enhancements with a simple 99 cent monthly subscription. The features range from advanced calligraphy pens, special inks for gradient colors and pastel colors, a wide range of graphics available from the item library, and special paper and calendar layouts. This subscription will give users unlimited access to all features within the app.

Widgets: This new feature in Note Anytime for Android allows users to create a collection of shortcuts called Widgets. Users can add a specific note or folder to a widget and quickly jump to it when they want to access their document.

Quick Start Guide: Users can get up and running quickly with Note Anytime with a new User Guide to help them quickly explore features in this innovative app.

Note Anytime for Android has entered a whole new level of productivity with this new release. Whether mobile users are using Note Anytime for their personal lives or business activities – they will love having note taking, PDF annotation and web browsing in one powerful app. Since Note Anytime is free for download on nearly all mobile devices, it is quickly becoming the app of choice for family and business users alike. Note Anytime is so packed with features, it is the ideal note taker - anytime, anywhere.

Users have been applauding Note Anytime for Android since it was first released in March of 2013. Users should download the product and give it a test drive. Note Anytime is available for download from the Google Play App Store for free at the following link:

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