Authority in Hollywood TV/Film Industry Matriarch TV Launches Distribution Division

A powerhouse Hollywood TV and Film Distribution company Matriarch Television Group, Inc. is aimed to pacify TV and film viewers throughout the nation with fresh, exciting and edgy TV shows and films.

Hollywood, CA, July 06, 2013 --( Matriarch Television Group, Inc. a division of Matriarch Multimedia Group has launched a content distribution platform for feature films and TV series. Matriarch Multimedia Group’s Founder/CEO Cassandra Cooper, M.A., J.D. states, “Our plans on the distribution level is to saturate the entertainment market with quality, new, edgy, exciting, trendy/urban style, multicultural content; keeping the viewer’s attentive and wanting more.” Matriarch TV will distribute new content throughout the nation in both feature length and short narrative formats, focusing on independent productions of all genres, documentaries, and television series.

Matriarch TV’s Advantageous Program Multi Media Platforms

DISH® Network
MTGI releases all its content via “On-Demand” through DISH® Network’s platform. DISH® Networks current reach of viewership is currently recorded at over 14 MILLION DISH® subscribers; the films are priced at $3.99.

Matriarch TV iOS APP
Now available in iTunes Store®, The Matriarch TV APP releases all content onto, iPhones, iPad’s, iPod and iPod Touch’s. MTGI iOS App is available to over 80 Million Apple® product users within the US. The Matriarch TV App online streaming, for features from $2.99 and shorts for $.99 to $1.99. Additionally, the MTGI App allows users the convenience to search for films directly through the iTunes Store.

Theatrical Releases
For quality, appropriate and marketable films, MTGI offers theatrical releases from selected cities across the nation.

DVD Rentals
Through Dvox, MTGI will make films available for rent on DVD through 11,000 Rental Kiosk’s. These Kiosks are currently available in grocery stores, AM/PM’s and college campuses throughout the United States.

Broadcast Televison
MTGI releases content through Punch TV Network and Matriarch TV Network. Punch TV is one of America’s fastest growing TV broadcast networks; aired through 37 affiliates across the nation and available in over 59 Million households. This summer Matriarch TV will launch its television network on both Dish® Network and DirecTV®; combined with Punch TV both networks will reach over 100 Million customers. MTGI executives are in current talks with other popular cable carriages to expand viewership reach.

Once content has placement through all other platforms, it will be released on Netflix SVOD a highly successful online movie subscription service to its 30 Million streaming customers, ensuring easy access for a casual viewing audience. Netflix is available on PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet and more.

Coming Soon to Matriarch TV
MTGI is currently in the process of expanding its platforms in 2014, to include direct sales and rentals through iTunes and the latest electronic gaming systems.

Getting the Word Out
MTGI has and will continue to form creative, innovative and revenue generating partnerships with Fortune 500 companies whose focus is press and entertainment. MTGI implements a successfully practiced entertainment marketing tool for each individual film projects by releasing teaser trailers through television and the Web; circulate effective Press Releases and Press Kits to media outlets, obtain reviews from established film and television critics, and inflate and saturate the film’s Web presence through customized social networking initiatives.

For Producers Only
MTGI is currently open for accepting submissions; they are actively seeking new unreleased content for distribution on their multiple platforms. For more information contact Amanda Feinstein at (323) 963-8717.

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