Stickin’ It to Leaking Concrete Cracks

Use a permanent concrete crack repair solution – or you may end up with an octopus in the face. Or, at least, in theory.

Vancouver, Canada, July 06, 2013 --( Concrete waterproofing manufacturer, Kryton International Inc., has collaborated with Vancouver animating group GoStickman to create a dynamic explainer video for concrete crack repair. This is the second video in the Kryton Stickman series, and brings to life the common problems contractors and applicators face on a daily basis. Many concrete repair methods fail to solve the leakage problem effectively and most are only a temporary solution. The new explainer video helps to differentiate the Krystol Crack Repair System from these other methods.

The use of Explainer Videos within online marketing campaigns has been a growing trend recently, as companies have discovered the effectiveness of these videos with consumers. Not only does the explainer video have the ability to relay a complex message quickly, but additionally, many companies have embraced the video’s ability to portray a personality through humor and story lines.

“People don’t have time anymore to pore through piles of information. They want information presented in a fast, lucid and memorable way, before diving into the technical detail,” says Rolf Skala, Kryton’s Director of Marketing. He adds, “Our explainer videos don’t try to over-glamourize our product. They simply relay the message that this product system works as intended, and is the best permanent solution to many concrete repair situations.”

“If the first step in communications is involving, it gives our audiences the drive to review out category leading concrete waterproofing products.” Rolf Skala further adds, “B2B marketing is sometimes too concerned with pointing out the features and benefits of a product rather than focusing on the customer benefits. These videos are the result of listening to the common frustrations our customers face and providing them with a superior solution, whilst including a little humor!”
Kryton International Inc
Sarah Rippin