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Return to Metal: Ozeal’s Metal Prescription Glasses Collection

The prevailing plastic glasses and titanium glasses have overshadowed metal glasses, but Ozeal will let you know metal glasses are always the most practical choice.

London, United Kingdom, July 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- In late July 2013, Ozeal, a London-based online prescription glasses shop, plans to promote a collection of metal glasses. Why? The prevailing plastic glasses and titanium glasses have forced metal glasses to take a back seat in the glasses market. But Ozeal finds the role metal glasses play in the life and work of its customers important and doesn’t want its customers be misled by fashion trends.

Versatile Metal glasses
Metal, the most age old glasses material, is widely used in the manufacture of eyeglasses frames. Inspired by vintage 20s fashion, classic round metal glasses have benefited a lot from the fame of The Great Gatsby, which is a reason for the return of metal glasses.

Besides, the rectangle, oval or the aviator, metal glasses also flatter their wearers. The semi rimless or rimless metal glasses also have their own fans. And the mature technology of manufacturing metal glasses guarantees the production of refined hollow-out designed glasses.

So for the various types of metal glasses, Ozeal provides two favorable series including a delicate hollow-out designed glasses, semi rimless and rimless metal glasses.

Hollow-out Designed Metal Glasses
As a characteristic decoration of metal glasses, the hollow-out design is quite easy to find at ozealglasses.co.uk. So Ozeal prepares a special collection of all hollow-out designed metal glasses for customers that love hollow-out design. Click on the bottom of "Hollow out design" under the "Top metal frame picks", for all the trendy glasses boasting hollow-out.

Semi Rimless and Rimless Metal Glasses
The shrewd and masterful semi rimless and rimless metal glasses are popular among successful men. But their stability and durability always make people hesitant to buy. The flexible yet steady metal, rather than easy-break plastic or expensive titanium, guarantees the quality of semi rimless and rimless glasses. So in this metal-themed landing page, Ozeal collects all the semi-rimless and rimless metal glasses for all those who favor semi rimless and rimless glasses but worry about their quality.

Memory metal glasses
Different from plastic glasses’ fashion styling, metal glasses benefits outweigh the practical advantages. All the practical function you need: hold shape better, easy to be adjusted while difficult to break, so memory metal glasses are the best of them. Ozeal prepares the lightweight memory metal glasses collection this season in order to address their customers needs to the maximum extent. Ozeal says: the staying power and flexibility of each memory frame is strictly tested by Ozeal Glasses.
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