Produce a Range of Stock Market Sector Trading Guides has created a new set of investor guides for some of the most popular UK stock market sectors.

London, United Kingdom, July 09, 2013 --(, the UK investment site, has produced a new set of guides based on the FTSE 350 sectors.

In stock market trading, a sector is a group of companies which offer similar products e.g. mining firms or banks. The FTSE 350 sectors are made up from the 350 largest companies that are listed on the UK stock market.

The new guides on focus on the more popular sectors including:

* Banks
* Construction and Materials
* General Retailer
* Mining
* Oil and Gas Producers
* Travel and Leisure

Each guide talks users through the basics of trading that particular sector including the constituents, where an investor can quickly check constituent updates and which brokers offer trading on that grouping of companies.

According to Jenna Cutly, the editor, "The data can be particularly useful because the companies that make up the sectors change more often than you might think. Naturally, if you are trading a sector, it is important to have a good understanding of all of the relevant firms.

"I would expect that many of our readers already know that Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS and Standard Chartered are in the UK banking sector. At the same time, only smaller proportion might know that the Bank of Georgia is also currently a member.

"Another interesting feature we have added to the reports are a number of quasi-case studies that look at how the share prices of the individual constituents have been affected in the past.

"With the current volatility we have been seeing in the global stock markets, any information that helps highlight the previous problems / downward pressures on a sector, should prove useful."

The individual guides also cover other aspects such as ways to value bank shares, a technical analysis case study of a large oil company and review of individual travel companies.

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