, a New Art Site is Betting Big on Being Small has Launched. promotes, sells, and encourages works by emerging artists. Docent helps aspiring collectors build personal relationships with artists.

Philadelphia, PA, July 10, 2013 --( The world of art will be introduced to a new way to do business., an innovative art brokerage website, is opening its doors with the mission to make fine, value-appreciating art available to aspiring collectors. To achieve this, offers limited edition prints and original works of art at reasonable and attainable prices. is interested in more than just selling art. The company works with an limited selection of artists, frequently up-and coming in their careers. Potential collectors who visit the website may work with a personal consultant, or docent, who will help them choose and build their art collections. Since loving art is an intimate experience, purchasing your art should be one as well.

Several financial publications, including Forbes, suggest that cultivating an art collection promotes a similar return as one can expect when buying stock. Inspired by Albert C. Barnes and other super collectors, envisions helping its collectors grow a stake in this kind of investment, while also acquiring art they can enjoy while their investment matures.

What makes different from other art sales or brokerage companies, is that it places so much emphasis on its curators and art historians to cultivate the age-old relationships between artists and critics. This kind of leveraging makes it possible for the artists, curators and critics to all grow their careers simultaneously, providing added benefits to the art buyer.

Most importantly, looks to build personal relationships between collectors and artists, making it truly a unique experience. With hope, a potential collector will find an artist whose work he or she really enjoys. provides the platform for a more personal relationship to form between artist and collector, so that the collector may follow the artist’s career as it grows. Eventually, the collector may buy from the artist directly.

In a world where art is often not an attainable investment, a new experience is needed where one can both buy art, appreciate it, while also building relationships and gaining assets. There’s so much to look forward to.

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