How to Record and Send Voice E-Mail to Your Online Volunteers - an Instructional Video

Winnipeg, Canada, August 30, 2007 --( Voice e-mail is one productivity application that non-profit organizations should be using to communicate with their online volunteers. There are certain situations where text-based e-mail is not as effective or efficient as voice e-mail in conveying a message to your Internet-based volunteers.

"I often use voice e-mail to communicate with our online volunteers," commented Macdonald Youth Services' (MYS) Online Volunteer Program Developer, Randy Tyler. "Not only is voice e-mail an efficient method to communicate or clarify an online volunteer assignment, it is a powerful way to personally recognize an online volunteer's efforts and results," added Tyler.

Based on Tyler's nine year's of pioneering work with online volunteers from around the globe, the following advantages of using voice e-mail and the considerations in choosing a desktop-based voice e-mail application have been discerned.

Why Use Voice E-Mail? Some Advantages:

* Efficient: Considering the same amount of content, a voice message can be recorded and mailed much easier and faster than typing a text-based e-mail message.
* Personal: Voice mail with its ability to convey one's emotions (versus emoticons), is more personal and intimate than text-based e-mail.
* Inclusive: For people with a disability that makes typing difficult, voice e-mail is enabling.
* Ergonomic: Sending voice mail may help reduce one's risk of developing a repetitive strain injury (RSI) from typing.

Considerations in Selecting a Desktop-Based Voice E-Mail Application

* Will the application record a voice message in an audio format that can be easily played on most operating systems and platforms (currently this would be the mp3 format)?
* Does the application allow audio recording parameters (such as: bit rate and sampling rate) to be configured to accommodate an online volunteer's Internet connection (larger file size = better quality)?
* Can the voice message be recorded directly to the preferred destination audio file format (that is, mp3) versus having to first record your message in an uncompressed format (such as a wav or aif format), and then converted to the mp3 audio format before sending?
* Can the duration and file size be easily observed during the recording of your voice message?
* Does the application pause (stop recording) during a certain level of silence?
* Can the message be easily played back (without requiring an external audio player, for example) prior to sending?
* Does the application require an accompanying e-mail application or can the voice message be recorded and sent from within the voice e-mail program?
* If one application will both record and send the message, does it also have the capability to store a list of e-mail address for faster execution?

How to Record and Send a Voice E-Mail Message: An Instructional Video

As part of the how to multimedia best practices publication about Online Volunteering Randy Tyler is currently developing, MYS online volunteer Yu Cheng (now living in China), created an easy-to-follow instructional video that shows how to download, install, configure, record and send a voice e-mail message using a PC-based application called "Audio Record Wizard" (please note: there are other similar programs such as NCH's "Vemail Voice Email"). To download the six minute instructional video (which is available in Flash, PC and Mac Flash Projectors, WMV, AVI and MPG4 formats), please visit the following URL now:

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