Trash Removal Firm Truck with a Guy Now Serving Greater Seattle and Eastside of City

Issaquah, WA, July 11, 2013 --( Leading Issaquah-based trash removal company Truck with a Guy has just announced that they’re now serving the greater Seattle area as well as Issaquah, Sammamish and Bellevue with their expert junk removal services. The company’s increased service area will help residents across the region’s communities to reduce the cost of their junk removal requirements.

Residents across Seattle are now reviewing their removal requirements as the summer season begins. Those garage sales don’t always sell as many products as homeowners might have hoped. This means they’re left with a large amount of property that must be removed quickly to make room for newer home items. Now, residents across Greater Seattle and Eastside Seattle will have access to low cost junk removal experts, through Truck with a Guy’s new service offering.

The company works tirelessly to help clients consolidate removals costs. While other trash removal organizations charge based on removal volume, Truck with a Guy’s pricing is based on dump fees. This makes their pricing structure more transparent and more affordable for local homeowners. Unlike local competitors, Truck with a Guy doesn’t charge extra for hazardous waste removal either. This means that the organization is the ideal specialist for a complex commercial removal project.

Cost-effective and based on years of industry experience, Truck with a Guy’s removal service is the ideal removal solution for clients across the local region. To learn more about the company, please contact their offices directly or visit their website at
Truck With A Guy
Greg Alan