Francis Murphy, DC Featured in Chiropractic Economics

Feature Story Details the Doctor’s Journey and Discovery into the OTZ Method.

Dallas, TX, July 11, 2013 --( Dr. Francis X. Murphy, a Dallas Chiropractor with worldwide recognition, was featured in Issue 11 of Chiropractic Economics for his revolutionary new chiropractic treatment, dubbed the OTZ Method. The article, titled The ABCs of OTZ, delves into Dr. Murphy’s journey and discovery of the true cause of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (Adhesive Capsulitis.)

Chiropractic Economics is a magazine that provides news and information for practicing chiropractors, with a focus on office management, patient relations, personal development, financial planning, legal, clinical and research data, as well as wellness and nutrition.

Dr. Francis X. Murphy is the owner and chief practitioner of Dallas chiropractic wellness center, Whole Health Partners (WHP). Since 1996 Dr. Murphy has led the Whole Health Team in providing a patient centered, holistic approach to chiropractic care and whole health wellness. In addition to his chiropractic education, Dr. Murphy has studied extensively in nutrition, meditation as well as advanced soft tissue techniques. He founded OTZ Health Education Systems in 2006 after discovering and developing the occipital-atlanto adjustment, also known as the OTZ Method.

Dr. Murphy, along with his team of experts at Whole Health Partners, regularly treat frozen shoulder patients, children, semi-pro and professional athletes in his Dallas clinic. Whole Health Partners is also the official soft tissue treatment team of the Southern Methodist University Athletic Department, and several members of the Texas Rangers Baseball team. For more information on Dr. Murphy and Whole Health Partners please contact Tesi Irving at 214.368.3030.
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