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220 Communications New Release Author, Entrepreneur Gives Motivation in Acceptable Doses with New Book

"Wisdom In Pieces" is the debut title from entrepreneur Jennifer Bridgeforth. A collection of timely advice and passages to help readers through difficult times.

Chicago, IL, July 12, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Radio host, entrepreneur and author, Jennifer Bridgeforth, will kick off a series of book signings in July for her new book “Wisdom in Pieces" (220 Publishing) a collection of real-life stories meant to motivate those seeking to overcome personal challenge and celebrate their internal power.

Bridgeforth says the book’s purpose was inspired from personal experiences where she struggled with real life issues and found the best way to overcome them was by consuming motivational stories in small doses. She has taken this small-step approach in writing her book as a way to help readers become more inspired at their own pace.

“Whenever I would have a challenging experience, or interact with a client or a friend that did, these motivations were gentle reminders at the end of the day that there is truly a light at the end of the tunnel – even in their darkest state. I saw it as peace in small bites on the days that I may be too confused and frustrated for a lot of positivity, but still in need of a little taste of hope," the author said in a recent interview.

Bridgeforth hopes to use the book and her personal story to get readers to recognize their innate ability to be happy and successful, and to not be afraid of the journey to find their own big breakthrough.

As a successful entrepreneur who created the Phoenix Art and Empowerment Space, Bridgeforth has hosted events for Fortune 500 companies, been mentioned in publications like the Chicago Sun-Times and Ebony/Jet Online, and has had art on the set of Oprah’s documentary, “Season 25-Oprah’s Farewell Season.” She uses her past failures and eventual success as a testament for readers to receive victory in their own right.

“Wisdom in Pieces,” will be released in July and available wherever books are sold. Signings will begin in July and will last throughout the summer.

About the Author
Jennifer Bridgeforth is a well-known radio host, consultant, and motivational speaker. She creates strategic empowerment programming for seminars at Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and schools around the country. She also produces audio and video content on healthy relationships, transitional career planning and envisioning a life beyond your circumstances
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