Capital Services Bringing Payment Products Portfolio Management to Financial Institutions

Capital Services data analysis expertise to help financial institutions maximize credit card returns.

Sioux Falls, SD, July 15, 2013 --( Capital Services is announcing a new approach to the payment products portfolio management market, with an innovative set of solutions for financial institutions. Capital Services, which has been providing management services for more than 14 years, primarily to banks owned by its parent company, formally announced that it is now taking its unique offerings to a broader market.

Capital Services is leveraging the success it has brought to its parent company's banks to make its move into the financial institution marketplace. It focuses on asset origination – creating successful payment programs – and then using sophisticated tools to analyze those programs, managing them to maximize a financial institution's return on assets.

Emphasizing account-level profitability analysis along with transaction processing, Capital Services utilizes vast volumes of historical and current account data to deliver the greatest returns for financial institutions.

"What Capital Services does better than anyone else is to offer the ultimate in visibility into your payment products portfolio," said Chuck Hendrickson, CEO of Capital Services. "Our range of tools, particularly our ViPRsm Vintage Profitability Reporting system, enable a financial institution to analyze its portfolio at a very granular level and make the changes necessary to maximize returns.

"We have combined our portfolio management experience with analysis of massive volumes of customer, payment, and portfolio performance data," Hendrickson explained. "That has enabled Capital Services to develop proprietary, market-proven scorecards that are invaluable to financial institutions."

These scorecards, he noted, can accurately identify who is most likely to utilize a financial institution's payment products and as a result, improve its portfolio's performance.

Capital Services' data analysis capabilities ensure precise, consistent segmentation, modeling, and forecasting. Its strengths in asset origination, portfolio management, customized programming, technology, and customer service offer financial institution partners the ultimate in payment product strategies, for the full spectrum of customer credit.

Capital Services was founded in 1998, and has been servicing South Dakota-based First National Bank and First Savings Bank, which along with Capital Services, are owned by the Farrar Group. In addition, it has handled cardholder servicing for some 670,000 accounts for more than 150 financial institutions.

Capital's decision to expand its offering was driven by the realization that its unique approach was an ideal fit to the needs of today's financial institution marketplace, Hendrickson said. In the current market, Capital's specific expertise and tools to originate and manage assets can help financial institutions gain a return on their payment products that exceeds their core banking returns.

About Capital Services
Capital Services is a leading payment portfolio management and servicing company that creates, evolves, and services profitable payment programs in partnership with our clients. Focused on financial strength, we successfully originate and manage card assets and provide a unique and innovative set of services in the payments industry for more than 670,000 accounts from over 150 financial institutions. Capital Services began operation in 1998 with a focus on the management and servicing of credit card portfolios. The company was built by executives with years of experience in the financial services and credit card industries and has grown beyond credit cards to include a full range of payment products and services. Capital Services has two locations, in Sioux Falls and Brookings, South Dakota. For more information, visit
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