Plans to Accelerate the Careers of Stand-Up Comedians Begin with a Music Distribution Company in Kingwood, TX

The Houston Laff Stop and BCD Music Group have made it easier for stand-up comedians to get their material distributed through the right channels

Kingwood, TX, August 30, 2007 --( BCD Music Group met with the Houston Laff Stop with expectations of decreasing the amount of time it takes for comedians to graduate from live performances to distributing their live show material nationally, and even worldwide.

It is widely known that becoming a famous comedian doesn’t always come easily. Comedians often begin by performing in contests to test their talent against other funny men and women in the industry. In the case of the Houston Laff Stop, they often have amateur nights and even hold a contest every year in which the “Houston’s Funniest Person” is chosen. After rigorous competitions, and even having to eliminate those with great talent, Houston Laff Stop announces “Houston’s Funniest Person,” who in 2007 was Jerry Wayne Longmire.

Comedians find that they can become very popular in their hometowns, but unless they are noticed by someone seeking to promote a comedian or they market themselves relentlessly, their careers may never progress beyond that point. BCD Music Group’s idea to make this process less complicated for the comedian, involves being a one-stop recording studio, promotions and distribution center for those interested in the larger prospect of national CD sales and recognition. BCD will distribute for comedians, such as Rickey Smiley, to stores like FYE, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, as well as online.

The Houston Laff Stop is host to many famous comedians who have appeared on television on BET, Comedy Central and HBO, like Billy D. Washington and Godfrey, who, along with Jerry Wayne Longmire, also recently signed a distribution deal with BCD Music Group. BCD also assists with arranging in-store tours at Wal-Mart and FYE stores all over the nation to increase exposure for the comedians and their new releases.

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