Making MVNO Interconnect More Profitable - Piran Partners

London, United Kingdom, August 30, 2007 --( Piran Partners LLP, a leading provider of professional services to the mobile telecommunications industry, today announces the publication of its white paper on Interconnect Modelling for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).

“Accurate Interconnect Modelling is crucial to assessing and maintaining the commercial profitability of an MVNO,” said Andrew White of Piran Partners. He continued, “As such Interconnect Modelling is a vital element of our VPP™ (Virtual Partner Programme), whether it be for MVNOs or mobile operators.”

The white paper is freely available from Piran Partners website explains the importance of user traffic profiles and an MVNO wholesale costs (“On Net Pricing” and “Off Net Pricing”). White went on to say, “Experience shows that focus on the overall traffic gross margin optimises MVNO profitability.”

About Piran Partners LLP
Piran Partners LLP is based in London, England. Positioned at the heart of the mobile telecommunications industry; they provide professional consulting services and regularly work with mobile operators and a wide array of organisations along the mobile value chain from retailers through to equipment suppliers. They represent a number of MVNO clients as MVNO consultants.

VPP is a registered trademark of Piran Partners LLP.

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