Demons and Witches - Take Over Romania - "Blood Myth" a New Release

The gods are always using people in their pawns - this time around a god creates a race specifically to battle against a line of witches that come from his blood line.

Cypress, TX, July 16, 2013 --( The son of the Raka Diavol King, Zakah Sange was born into a world of dark magick. He was inscrutable, dangerously sexy and running from the infamous history of his bloodline. Zakah used power and control to shape himself into a hard and cunning man. He became a warrior, a weapon and the master of his own violent nature lurking within.

Sorina Ruzicka, the great-granddaughter of the Egyptian God Akhekh. She was born into a legacy of magickal gifts and with a destiny she had no desire to fulfill. As a blues singer, Sorina’s voice was a blend of innocence and seduction that left her audience captivated. After years touring, she returned home, craving the seclusion of the mountains in her homeland Romania.

A chance meeting forced Zakah and Sorina into the war raging between their families and the battle of their lives. Trusts will be broken, lines will be crossed and a fate neither of them expected will be played out.

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