The Tesla Group Announces AERA, Brooklyn-Based Aerial Dance Company, to Premiere COVERED SKY

AERA to debut three part aerial dance performance in the heart of Chelsea, NYC.

New York, NY, July 16, 2013 --( AERA, a non-profit aerial dance company based in Brooklyn, New York is premiering a new show this Summer, COVERED SKY. Debuting in the heart of Chelsea in New York City, this three part performance will also be AERA's longest run to date, with four evenings performances and one matinee performance. COVERED SKY will run from July 24-28, 2013 at New York Live Arts.

Founded in 2009, AERA created their first show together, Out Through Her, which was staged for a second time the following year, due to rave reviews. In 2011, AERA Dance Foundation Inc. was formed, and produced its inaugural show, New Ends. Now a newly recognized 501(c)(3) arts organization, AERA's mission is to increase awareness of aerial arts to the community and beyond, through educational outreach programs which include classes, workshops, and specialized opportunities in partnership with schools and fitness programs. The aerial element of the classes depends on whether locations have capability to rig, but future funding will hopefully diminish that issue and bring AERA to a place where they can teach and rehearse in their own warehouse.

COVERED SKY is a descent inwards to wear out the veils we use to hide. Audience members can expect an experience. The show is compromised of three 20-minute sections, each with a different range of apparatus. “We find that audiences have enjoyed determining their own stories and meanings from the pieces, rather than us defining everything in writing,” says Founder and Executive Director of AERA, Jennifer James Martin. “Some audience members have compared us to Cirque du Soleil... we are not a circus, but we utilize the same types of apparatus with elements of music and lighting, and video projection, as well as contemporary dance movement that make our shows unique and experiential.” On its premiere night, COVERED SKY will be followed by a Gala Reception. For tickets and information, please visit the New York Live Arts website.

AERA performers will be rehearsing 5 days a week, proceeding their 5 nights of performances. To help pay the performers as they work, AERA successfully raised funds through a Kickstarter campaign, with a goal of $16,500. Supporters can also donate to AERA with individual or business donations, volunteering, and spreading the word about AERA. Monetary donations are also accepted by purchasing tickets to COVERED SKY, and donating directly to AERA.

Some of COVERED SKY's performers include: Joshua Dean, from Twyla Tharpe 's The Times They Are A Changin', founder of 2 Ring Circus and Suspended Cirque, and Aerial Trainer for NBC's Smash, Tatiana DePillo, 2013 Polesque finalist, and Angel Reed, Rock of Ages original Broadway cast member, and performer at 2009 Tony Award Winner Member.

About AERA
AERA is an aerial dance company based out of Brooklyn, New York. AERA aims to expand the performance environment by creating a unique shared experience with our audience. As an aerial dance company, AERA combines original choreography and custom designed three-dimensional structures that utilize mediums such as fabric, pole, and rope in addition to other technologies to create a multifaceted experience of performance art. AERA’s goal is to create experiential art through aerial dance.
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