Money Journal Survey Shows Huge Majority Feel Ripped Off

A huge majority feel they have been ripped off by banks, according to a new survey just completed by

Las Vegas, NV, July 16, 2013 --( Nearly an over-whelming majority of those polled in the latest Money Journal survey feel they are being ripped off by banks.

The huge majority or 78% who responded to the poll said they are being ripped off. Only 22% said they were not. The massive number down on the banking industry shows how big banks marketing efforts like those of Bank of America and JP-Morgan Chase aren’t working to turn the numbers in their favor.

Surveys show the world has taken a negative stance on banking since the financial crisis exploded on Wall Street five years ago. More consumers have taken their money out of savings accounts and moved their checking accounts out of banks than at any other time since the Great Depression.

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The majority of U.S. consumers are having trouble paying bills as the economy is rocked by financial trouble, including lower earnings reported on retail sales. Before the financial crisis more than 80% of U.S. households invested in stocks, bonds or other financial investments. Since the financial crisis studies show that consumers are weary about the markets and are holding back from investing in the markets.

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Mike Colpitts