Comfort Specialist Offers Tip on Staying Comfortable, Spending Less on Energy

Purpose of a tune-up.

Philadelphia, PA, July 17, 2013 --( When summer temperatures rise high on the thermometers in Philadelphia, area homeowners are often asking a basic question, “How can we stay comfortable while spending less on monthly energy costs?”

A local comfort specialist says that both sides of this question can be answered with one solution: a system tune-up.

“Air conditioning is one of the basic needs of modern life,” said John Quinn, Service Manager of Quinn’s. “Most of us don’t tend to look for how we can turn off our air conditioning, but how we can make it more energy efficient while creating a more comfortable environment.”

That’s why he recommends a tune-up as a practical way to save costs and preserve comfort.

“The preseason tune-up on an air conditioning system is much like a routine tune-up on a car,” Quinn said. “You need this to make sure your investment is in good shape and that it will take care of you. At the same time, just like an auto tune-up saves more of what you spend on gasoline, an air conditioning tune-up saves more of what you spend on energy.”

The other upside of a routine tune-up is that it extends the life of your air conditioning system while reducing the likelihood of a breakdown or repair. “Again, a tune-up is a very practical solution to common concerns – staying comfortable, saving on energy and making sure your equipment functions the best it can.”

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