Composer Willem Martens Will Release His Album “Poetica”

Nijmegen, Netherlands, July 18, 2013 --( Willem Martens’ new album “Poetica” will be released at August 15 2013. The work of Martens is self-produced, directed and arranged and its musical expression varies from deep avant garde and experimental structures to film – and theater music. The music of this album is ambient and avant garde says Ineke Tuijten the personal manager and musical director of Willem Martens. New is the inclusion of baritone sax in these compositions, which creates a beautiful atmosphere which takes the listener to a unknown world of fantasy and self-investigation. Poetica means in Greek creation and the art of drama (see Aristotle’s Poetica) which may lead to catharis (purification of emotions and mind). Martens brings us transfixing electronic and orchestral music with lush, symphonic textures that make it equally at home in a concert hal, Sci-Fi film soundtrack, or a therapeutic and meditation setting. His album called "Poetica" features hypnotic pulses and atmospheric pads that will take the listener's mind on a journey to far away places. Nucleus means in Latin core and that is precisely what the direction of this music is. Remarkable are the various deep layers of the compositions and ingenious structures with a deep touch. Martens is a former student of Darius, Milhaud, Nadia Boulanger and Pierre Schaeffer (musique concrete) in Paris/France. He studied counterpoint, harmony, fuga, film music and composition.

Martens Ensemble plays his music. His compositions contain electro-acoustic elements, Martens makes use of traditional classical instruments, as well as of modern electronic equipment and soundshapes which are created from live sampling of all kinds of industrial and nature sounds.

William Martens worked for decades as a psychoanalyst in forensic psychiatric settings and his music and composition method is inspired by observations of deep psychodynamic processes and layers in human beings. He was appointed as film composer and music advisor by the French TV network.

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Ineke Tuijten - Personal Manager and Musical Director of Martens
Willem HJ Martens - PhD, MD - Henk van Tienhovenstraat 67, 6543JB, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.