Editor Kim Bond Launches Professional Christian Testimony Collection

"Never Forsaken: A Testimony Collection" bridges the gap between secular companies and the Christian community by providing a professionally bound journal appropriate for any pastor’s office.

Saint Louis, MO, July 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- A collection of testimonies can be found in waiting rooms and on websites across the United States. From the healing power of chiropractic services to the benefits of martial arts, clients show their gratitude to a company by submitting favorable claims about how the company transformed their lives. These testimonies help sustain current customers and increase new business based on the hope the company will deliver the same amazing results to them.

Since the time of Jesus Christ, Christian testimonies have been spread by both verbal and written means of communication. These testimonies proclaim God’s love with stories of personal transformation. Similar to companies that provide a service, these testimonies increase the faith of Christians and convince new people to trust in Christ.

Written Christian testimonies exploded in popularity as websites dedicated to posting such stories increased in number over the past ten years. The sheer volume of testimonies on such sites can overwhelm the average reader.

Seeing the need for a small collection of carefully selected testimonies, Editor Kim Bond published "Never Forsaken: A Testimony Collection." The release date was July 15, 2013 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Kim Bond sifted through hundreds of testimonies to find twenty-five compelling Christian testimonies. This publication gives people the chance to form their own opinions about Christianity based on true-life accounts.
The individual testimonies included in this journal are first-hand accounts of personal experiences written by unpaid authors. Each story ranges from one to three pages. Never Forsaken contains three sections. The first is “Freedom.” It covers all stories involving how Jesus Christ set people free from addictions, sin, and bondage. The next section is “Healing.” It contains accounts of miraculous physical healing. The final section, “Salvation,” tells stories of how and when people decided to give their lives to Jesus Christ. Stories include a drug addict turned pastor, a Hindu woman turned Christian through a supernatural experience, a prostitute turned pastor's wife, and powerful visions.
Kim Bond