Excel Software Ships Xojo and FileMaker Plugins on Mac and Windows for Protection and Licensing

New plugins allow developers to protect and license FileMaker and Xojo applications. PluginFMQLRT and PluginXojoQLRT presents all protection, activation and licensing capabilities in the QuickLicense system to an application with one function call. A company can protect software from piracy and increase revenue with many license types, activation processes and order automation.

Henderson, NV, July 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Excel Software today announced PluginFMQLRT 1.0 for FileMaker developers and PluginXojoQLRT 1.0 for Xojo developers on Mac and Windows. PluginFMQLRT is a FileMaker plugin that embeds the QuickLicense runtime in a FileMaker Pro Advanced solution that is distributed as a standalone application. PluginXojoQLRT is a Xojo plugin (Xojo was formerly called RealBasic). All protection, activation and licensing capabilities in the QuickLicense system are available to the application. A company can protect software from piracy and increase revenue by supporting a wide range of license types, activation processes and advanced licensing features.

PluginFMQLRT and PluginXojoQLRT are used with QuickLicense. The developer configures all aspects of the software license with QuickLicense and builds a tiny encrypted Ticket file. That Ticket file is bound to an application with a function call to the plugin in a FileMaker script or by adding a line of Xojo code. By focusing on value added customer solutions rather than internal protection, activation and licensing features, the vendor gains productivity and deployment flexibility.

FileMaker and Xojo developers enjoy a quick, integrated solution for almost any software protection, activation or licensing requirement. The application calls a simple function to access runtime commands with fast, streamlined security. With a small disk and memory footprint, the runtime allows one software build to support Trial, Product, Subscription, Floating, Try/Buy or Educational licenses. The activation process for protected software will support manual, semi-automated or fully automated activation through an online activation server.

While one license command is sufficient for many applications, the runtime library supports dozens of command strings to access all the licensing features available in the QuickLicense system. Runtime commands include license release, restore, reset, suspend, remote enabling of features, field read and write, plus data send and receive through the activation server.

PluginFMQLRT and PluginXojoQLRT add to the Excel Software protection and licensing solutions for Mac OS X, Windows and Android software that includes QuickLicense, QuickLicense Server, LicenseSupport, WebActivation, AirLicense, OfficeProtect, DocProtect, AppProtect, LicenseCard, Android License SDK, QLRT Xcode and the Safe Activation Service. For example, a protected application built with these plugins can run on client computers within a customer network controlled by a floating license server generated with the QuickLicense Server product.

When used with the optional Safe Activation service, the entire online purchase, payment processing, delivery, support and activation process can be automated with builtin or external shopping cart software or services. Safe Activation is integrated with many payment processors and shopping cart services including PayPal, Authorize.Net, Google Wallet and Amazon.

A Single User License of PluginFMQLRT MacOSX is $395, PluginFMQLRT Windows is $395 or $690 for both. PluginXojoQLRT MacOSX is $395, PluginXojoQLRT Windows is $395 or $690 for both. The product includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for any number of protected products or licenses. The package includes a PDF user guide, simple test application and sample code. A demonstration video and free trial download of PluginFMQLRT and PluginXojoQLRT are available to developers with QuickLicense 6.

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