Sacramento Artist Takes on Dante’s Divine Comedy

Artist Turns "The Divine Comedy" Into Graphic Novel and Fantasy Art Collection

Sacramento, CA, July 20, 2013 --( Sacramento artist, Nicole Miller, just initiated a Kickstarter campaign to illustrate Dante’s 14,233 line literary masterpiece, “The Divine Comedy,” as a graphic novel and fantasy art collection. According to the artist, the ten year project not only promises a more vivid and more comprehensive retelling than ever before, it promises to take its viewers along a terrifying trip through hell, a fiery tour through purgatory, and a hypnotically beautiful journey through heaven.

“There are two main reasons why I’ve decided to take on such a monstrous project,” says Nicole. “First, 'The Divine Comedy' has been fully illustrated by only a handful of well-known artists and partially illustrated by a little over a dozen. This project will illustrate the entire book. Second, this project will also illustrate everything in the book as described, and more. Past renditions left out some rather eyebrow-raising events in the book, and as a 'Divine Comedy' fan, I’d like to see those events manifested in visual form.”

By 1976, Mrs. Miller started her art career by placing in a few local competitions in St. Louis, Missouri, and appearing on two different PBS school specials. Her work was published in a couple of spiritual magazines and shown in about a dozen galleries across the nation after the new millennium arrived. Today, she is soliciting support for her ten-year devotion via, an online threshold pledge system for funding creative projects.

“I think Kickstarter is the perfect platform for what I’m doing because it not only provides the perfect audience, it invites people to make history with me. And making history is exactly what I’m doing.”

In exchange for backing (support, funding, etc.), Nicole is offering prints, the completed graphic novel, and private access to the project’s 10-year documentary. Further information may be obtained at or directly from the artist at
Nicole Miller