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Non-financial aspects are more and more becoming valuable for changes in income. A study conducted by the Finance Department showed that income is not only or no longer just based on how high the pay grade is but also on the non-financial aspects such as money management capacity, micro-economic factors, financial intelligence, and so on.

London, United Kingdom, July 20, 2013 --(PR.com)-- It is the capacity to earn and the ability to magnify what you have earned minus the expenses that is important. The spending habit of individuals is not much of an issue but to what or where they are spending on/at is. This is the aspect that we can exploit. Encourage spending in investments. The average income earner is now getting wiser. Their goal is to augment their income without spending much at the lowest risk possible (although we still must not count out the risk takers). Being wiser means they are now looking into intangible factors that can boost their income.

“We must move quickly and make use of this realization to come up with smart investment packages for the smart average income earner. 80% of the populace is now looking at being financially sustainable in the midst of economic instability. We now have an insight on how these individuals make their decisions based on their income and their desire for more income. The next step is what to do about this,” remarked Bellinda Zuller, Senior Financial Analyst. Results on the study together with recommendations are contained in a report submitted to management for review and possible action.

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