Announcing: Dirty Dog "Pick Up Parties"

Dirty Dog Lovers, creators of the "Treat Box" announce their Dirty Dog Pick Up Parties. If you have a Doggie Day care, Dirty Dog will send you a "party in a box" for your clients, when they pick up their dogs one evening.

Manhattan, NY, July 21, 2013 --( Dirty Dog Lovers, creators of the "Treat Box" monthly treat subscription program are launching a new program called "Pick Up Parties." The parties are starting in New York first and then going nationwide in the fall. The parties consist of marketing materials, dog treats and champagne and non-alcoholic drinks for the dog owners.

"We like to keep our brand fresh and fun," said Bruderer, the CEO. 'We like the idea of meeting our clients where they are, picking up their dogs, and giving them a free one-month trial of our services. Besides who doesn't like to end their day with a glass of champagne and gifts."

If you have a doggie day care in the New York area, we will send you all of the supplies you need to host a "pick up party." The good news is that it won't interfere with the crazy hours from 6:30-8:30 when owners come for their pets, rather just add value to your organization.

Dirty Dog Lovers also donates a percentage of all of their sales to rescues that help animals and can structure a "pick up party" so that the proceeds benefit your particular rescue you may be involved with.

If you own a Doggie Day care, you can contact: to schedule your party. We also have a program for all of the pet bloggers out there, where you can host an online "pick up party."
Dirty Dog Lovers
Bonnie Bruderer