Baby Season for Bats Can Lead to Unexpected Visitors in Connecticut Homes and Businesses Warns PestCo, LLC

PestCo, LLC uses to help homeowners and businesses in Connecticut’s shoreline cities find help and information on bat control and bat removal services.

Madison, CT, July 23, 2013 --( Jeff Curtis, owner of, a family owned and operated pest control company has been helping homeowners and businesses with bat control and bat removal services across Connecticut shoreline cities in New Haven, Middlesex and New London counties for over forty years.

"It is baby season for bats," reports Jeff Curtis, owner of PestCo LLC. “Bats give birth and raise their young during the months of June and July, and some of the bats get lost on their journey out of an attic or other nesting space as they learn to fly and can inadvertently end up in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. Bats are an important part of the ecosystem but you don’t want them nesting in your house or place of business.”

Bats feed on insects during the night, which keeps the mosquito population down. This, in turn, helps maintain a natural balance. A single bat can consume over a thousand mosquitoes in an hour. While bats are beneficial and desirable, no one needs them roosting in an attic or in a wall void. "If you are seeing bats entering and exiting your attic vents, roosting from the beams in your attic, seeing droppings (guano) on the insulation or plywood floor or hearing noises at night, we can help you," states Jeff.

Bat removal:
PestCo will thoroughly inspect your home to determine how the bats are getting into your attic. A plan is then formulated to humanely remove them. PestCo makes one-way doors, which act like valves, which are attached to all the entry points. The one-way doors allow the bats to exit, however, they cannot get back in and no bats are ever harmed in the process.

Diseases from Bats and Droppings:
As with most wild animals, bats do carry diseases. Only a small percentage of bats have rabies. They do not normally bite people, but they can transmit rabies if they should bite. The droppings bats leave behind in the attic however pose a far greater threat to your health due to hystoplasmosis. PestCo has all the proper equipment to properly clean up the droppings and make your home safe again.

Hire a professional:
Bats are highly territorial and are prone to returning to their nesting grounds. It is not recommended for homeowners to take matters into their own hands. It is highly recommended to hire a professional pest control service like PestCo, LLC so your family will be safe from the dangers of bats, and the animals will also be safe to continue filling their important role in the ecosystem.

Organic Search Marketing for Bat Removal:
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About PestCo LLC is a family owned and operated pest control business with over forty years’ experience. The Company has earned customers by consistently providing quality products and services at affordable prices, and by continuing to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies, equipment and techniques. All PestCo technicians are state certified, receive in-house training and attend credited seminars throughout the year.

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