Self Improvement Book Teaches How to Overcome Fear Associated with Property Investing

Cash Flow Depot, a trusted property investor training website, is pleased to re-launch its self improvement book entitled, "Facing the Fear Factor," by Jack Miller. This book is a guide on how to conquer the various fears associated with property investing.

Richardson, TX, July 24, 2013 --( With the slogan, “Where you don’t have to spend a fortune to learn how to make one,” Cash Flow Depot is a reputable property investor training website that has been training successful investors for 6 years. The company has recently announced that its self improvement book entitled, "Facing the Fear Factor" is being re-launched. The book is essentially a guide on how to face and overcome one’s fears associated with property investing.

"Facing the Fear Factor" is being re-launched because the book is now available in all digital formats and paperback. For digital formats, Cash Flow Depot offers Kindle (all models), Jet Book Lite Reader, Nook, Kobo, Sony, and other ePUB Readers like iPads, Android Tablets using Aldiko, older Sony models, Palm devices, Franklin eBookman, Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Reader. The company has teamed up with Next Century Publishing to deliver the eBook in any format, and to print and ship the paperback book.

In a study conducted by the author, Jack Miller, he found out that fear holds back a lot of property investors from achieving their goals. In his book, Jack differentiates fear from caution, and shares different strategies and techniques to overcome fear.

“This self improvement book is aimed at people who haven’t yet begun to put their time, energy, and talent to work to get their share of the entrepreneurial pie; and passive investors, who are held back by fear, who could realize much greater results as entrepreneurs,” says Cash Flow Depot general manager and official spokesperson, Jackie Lange.

Facing the Fear Factor identifies the common fears in property investing, and provides the different techniques to overcome them. Its chapters include “Not having enough money to buy and to make payments,” “Unpredictable ups and downs in the economy,” “Taking a gamble with transactions and property,” “Not being able to find affordable and feasible houses,” and many more.

Jack Miller, the author of the book, has been into property investing for more than 45 years. He is a talented writer, much sought after speaker, and a successful property investor who’s touted as a “legend” in the industry. Jack is known for his creativity in crafting various real estate deals most particularly with regards to single family houses. Nowadays, Jack dedicates his time to teaching students at Cash Flow Depot and writing books and articles about real estate.

"Facing the Fear Factor" is a self improvement book that teaches the techniques in overcoming the various fears associated with property entrepreneurship; incurring personal debt, handling rejection, lacing sufficient knowledge, managing legal liability, finding affordable property, and other fears. Interested parties may visit or call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1882 for more information.

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